Watch: LeBron James shows love to Isaiah Thomas' kids

LeBron James was feeling the love outside of the paint on Wednesday night.

Wednesday was a night of pure love for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We’re not talking Kevin Love—though he did have an interesting night himself—we’re talking actual love being shown in an arena that holds one of the most unaffectionate atmospheres towards opposing players in the NBA.

The animosity between the Cavs and Eastern Conference rivals the Boston Celtics was put aside for a moment before Wednesday’s first-place battle, as King James took a few seconds out of his royal time to give props to a couple of young fans, who just happened to be the two sons of Celtics’ point guard Isiah Thomas.

The love fest in Boston continued long after warm ups had ended, when James stumbled across a group of Cavs fans under the basket, after delivering a massive block on Marcus Smart. Of course, James had to show them some love, too.

With nothing separating the teams at the top of the Eastern Conference, it’s safe to say there will be no love lost when the playoffs begin.