Watch LeBron James deliver unbelievable no-look pass

Luke BradshawSports Writer
Yahoo Sport UK

Anthony Davis is the latest star to don the Lakers uniform, but that doesn’t mean that the king is dead.

There is plenty of hype about Davis and LeBron James linking up in Los Angeles this season, and last night basketball’s biggest star gave everyone a little reminder of what he’s capable of.

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No one in the NBA passes the ball better than LeBron.

In the Lakers’ 123-96 preseason demolition of the Golden State Warriors, James drove to the line, looking like he about was about to dunk hard. Then, mid-air, he pulled off a no-look, behind the head pass while in transition and spinning around and away from the defender.

The ball flew out to Danny Green out wide, who made sure the ludicrous pass got what it deserved and drowned the three from the corner.

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