Watch Kristen Stewart turn Seth Meyers into a 'lesbian icon' while day drinking: 'You look [bleeping] cool!'

"I feel as though I've reverted to what I'm supposed to be," Meyers said about his new look.

Seth Meyers left his recent day drinking session with Kristen Stewart looking like a brand new person… literally.

After going shot for shot and chugging several questionable movie-themed cocktails, Meyers ended the popular Late Night drinking segment by asking Stewart to please give him a “lesbian makeover.”

"Here's the deal, Kristen Stewart, I have a bunch of lesbian accessories and clothes behind us, and I am now counting on you to turn me into a lesbian icon,” Meyers declared as Stewart bent over in laughter. “For the first time ever in day drinking: it’s the lesbian makeover.”

“Oh, God,” Stewart groaned, to which Meyers exasperatedly replied, “Just do it!”

<p>Lloyd Bishop/NBC via Getty Images</p> Kristen Stewart and Seth Meyers

Lloyd Bishop/NBC via Getty Images

Kristen Stewart and Seth Meyers

As Stewart perused through the clothing rack, she couldn’t help but call out just how “dated” the options provided to her were, which ranged from cat t-shirts to plaids to khaki pants. Although, she added, “I guess it’s all coming back around though, right?”

“Yeah,” Meyers answered as he happily peeped over a partition that was used as a makeshift changing room. “I mean, I’m kind of an expert on how lesbians dress, so…” 

Stewart quickly compiled an outfit for Meyers and handed it over. “Hey Kristen,” Meyers called from the other side once he was ready. “Announce me!”

Giving the camera an unsure look, Stewart hesitantly called out, “Seth, you wanna come out?" Meyers then stepped out in slow motion to reveal his new look, which included a denim jacket, white t-shirt, black jeans, and a pair of wire framed glasses.

After making his grand entrance, Stewart added the final touches to his outfit. “I think maybe you need a hat,” she suggested, before grabbing a tiny olive beanie and placing it atop his head. “Dude! You look [bleeping] cool. Do you not feel cooler than you’ve ever felt?”

“I feel as though I’ve reverted to what I’m supposed to be,” Meyers agreed.

Meyers wasn't the only one who had an outfit change during their day drinking session. Stewart also mysteriously swapped her black Chanel t-shirt into a plain white crop top roughly halfway through the video.

“You did a costume change,” Meyers acknowledged. In response, Stewart deadpanned, “This is what it’s like to get drunk with me.”

While it's not exactly clear if something happened to Stewart's shirt during their earlier drinking, Meyers did make sure to poke fun at the actress having a section option at the ready, asking, “So do you always, like, bring a duffle to the bar?”

“Only if I have to go on, like, Seth Meyers bulls---!” she joked.

Watch Stewart and Meyers go day drinking in the clip above.

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