Watch: Jets receiver Robby Anderson vanishes into thin air

Shutdown Corner

So here’s a strange one. New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson, best known for one of the finer touchdown celebrations of the season, has apparently added a new weapon to his arsenal: invisibility.

Don’t believe us? Fine. Watch the video closely. Where does No. 11 go?

(Yes, we’re sure you have some answer relating to camera angles and frame borders, smart guy. Don’t bother. Nobody likes you.)

It’s reminiscent of a moment in a USC game earlier this year. Watch closely: what happens to No. 80?

We’re not sure what kind of glitch in the matrix is kidnapping our football players, but we’re a bit concerned, to be honest.

Robby Anderson is here … for now. (Getty)
Robby Anderson is here … for now. (Getty)

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