Watch: Fan fails dunk attempt over Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki

Dunking a basketball is not easy, dunking over a seven-footer like Dirk Nowitzki is even harder as one fan recently learned.

The fan, named Chris, was trying to showcase his dunking prowess and enlisted the Dallas Mavs legend and Hall of Famer to stand in front of the hoop so he could jump over him and dunk.

This is a common dunk contest attempt with many in the NBA’s contest regularly jumping over seven-footers. NBA dunk specialist Mac McClung pulled off a similar dunk over Shaquille O’Neal on his way to winning the 2024 NBA Dunk Contest.

Chris didn’t fare as well as McClung failing to get over Nowitzki or dunk the ball, almost causing the German native to fall.

The announcer bemoaned the attempt after before telling spectators to clap for Chris and Nowitzki.