Watch: Dude sets himself on fire hitting flaming golf ball

Some silly stunts are better off left to the pros. (@golf_gods/Instagram)

If his goal was to create a viral video, then this guy has done just that.

In the video below, this intrepid golfer (if you can even call him that – look at his form!) throws caution to the wind as he tees up a golf ball that’s been set on fire. The result is as predictable as the sunrise at dawn: Dude hits flaming golf ball and promptly sets himself on fire.

We must, however, give credit where credit is due. At least this guy had the wherewithal to attempt this stunt just a few yards away from a nearby lake.

Warning: Post contains NSFW language.

Stunts that are almost guaranteed to go horribly wrong are often the ones to avoid. You’re better off leaving such stunts to the professionals on the Jackass team.