Watch dramatic video of lightning crackling over SLO County

Courtesy photo

A second night of thunderstorms filled the skies over southern San Luis Obispo County with sound and fury on Tuesday, a video posted to Facebook shows.

The video, which was taken in Arroyo Grande and shared on the San Luis Obispo County government page, shows a vigorous cell moving through the area with repeated jagged lines of lightning punctuated by rolling peals of thunder.

It appears, though, that it may be the last of the dramatic weather for the moment, as the National Weather Service isn’t predicting any more thunderstorms here for the rest of this week.

But that doesn’t mean summer will suddenly break.

We might see the sun a bit on Thursday, but the forecast is calling for cloudy or mostly cloudy skies at least through Monday.

Highs may not even reach 70 degrees until the middle of next week.

The unseasonably cool weather has been so pronounced that Paso Robles set a June record for the lowest high temperature, 60 degrees on Tuesday at the airport.