Watch: Bowler sets record with perfect 300 game in less than 90 seconds

He may not win any style points with that two-handed toss, but Ben Ketola is one heck of a bowler.

The New York native recently put his talents on display, setting up all 10 lanes at the local alley and racing from lane to lane, knocking down 10 pins each and every time. The result? A perfect 300 game in 86.2 seconds.

In case you’re wondering, that averages out to roughly seven seconds per strike. Not sure The Dude would appreciate Ketola’s unorthodox style, and there’s a good chance Walter Sobchak would have called “over the line” on at least one of those frames.

That does little to negate Kelota’s record, however unofficial it may be. Ketola’s feat is believed to be a world record, based on what’s currently on YouTube, which appears to be the only destination for such an accomplishment.

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