Watch: Bills player levitates back to his feet after incomplete pass

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You can watch the video a million times and it’s still not going to seem any less weird. Zay Jones of the Buffalo Bills misses a pass midway through the second quarter of Sunday’s Bills-Chiefs game, then seems to levitate right back to his feet. Seriously, watch it:


It looks like a video game glitch, or a film run in reverse, but trust us: this is 100 percent legitimate. The truth is that Jones levered himself up with his left leg and some serious core strength, but we’d also accept witchcraft, telekinesis or a glitch in the matrix as possible explanations.

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Jones himself offered up his own idea:

We usually recommend you don’t try this at home, but if you can pull it off, hey, let us know on Twitter. Here’s a local newscast trying the Zay Jones Challenge; can you do it?

Well done, Mr. Jones.

Zay Jones, floating. (Via screen shot)
Zay Jones, floating. (Via screen shot)

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