Watch: Australian woman's talented horse, sheep earn world records for tricks

Aug. 30 (UPI) -- An Australian woman captured two Guinness World Records titles by showing off the skills of her two unusual talented pets: a miniature horse and a sheep.

Noeline Cassettari said she was inspired to seek world record titles for her horse, Rose, and her sheep, Beanie, after her friend, Megan Reimann earned a Guinness World Records title for the tricks performed by her cow, Ghost.

Rose earned a record by performing 13 tricks in 1 minute, while Beanie earned the sheep version of the same record with 11 tricks.

Rose's tricks include staying, coming, smiling, bowing, ringing a bell and picking a playing card out of a deck.

Beanie's feats include wiping his feet, lifting his front legs, pivoting, going through a hoop and spinning.

"Rose and Beanie are the only non-dogs in the world to have earned a Grand Champion title through 'Do More With Your Dog,' by submitting videos online," Cassettari told Guinness World Records. "They have both earned their Champion Masters title which requires 101 tricks! Rose and Beanie also compete in online agility challenges, and online Freestyle dog dancing! Rose enjoys carriage driving also."