Watch: A girl disappears using a latest science trick

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Even as India observes the National Science Day today (February 28), a video on social media has gone viral. The video shows a young girl who seems to disappear with the help of a transparent piece like cloth: the effect is mesmerising, much like the one we experience when a highly gifted magician  makes his subject vanish with a mere swish of his cape.

Disappearing girl
Disappearing girl

The girl in the video puts the cloth in front of her lower body and that part disappears while the remaining body of her can be seen. She then places the cloth in front of her, covering her entire body, and vanishes into the thin air.

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This ‘magic’ trick has sent netizens into a tizzy who are marvelling at the evolution of science.
As many as 33 years ago, Bollywood regaled us with the film ‘Mr India’ in which the protagonist disappears when he presses a button of his special wristwatch. What was fantasy back then has now turned into reality.

The video, shared by a Twitter account named ‘Pjysics-astronomny’, has been watched by over 200,000 people.

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