How to be successful in 2020: Brits reveal what that looks like

Photo: Hunters Race/Unsplash
Earning over £50,000 a year is the biggest sign of career success for 36% of Brits, new figures show. Photo: Hunters Race/Unsplash

Are you hoping to kick the off New Year with an exciting new career? Well, there are some key metrics that Brits believe make someone successful at work.

A survey of 2,000 UK professionals by job board CV-Library found that the majority — an overwhelming 70% — of Brits believe that being trusted to get on with your job is one of the key measures of success.

However, earning over £50,000 a year is the top win for Brits, with 36% putting this the biggest sign of career success.

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In second place, one fifth (21%) of Brits think being able to work from home when you want is a key indicator, and just as many think it’s managing more than 10 people at a time.

Meanwhile, 16% think it’s not having to report to anyone above them.

Having their own office is the goal for 13%. The same amount cited having 35 days of annual leave a year as a sign of professional accomplishment.

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Meanwhile, for 12% being able to travel abroad for work is a huge professional triumph.

And 8% of Brits are hoping to finally get their hands on a company car in 2020.

Being in charge of hiring and firing is an undeniable sign of career success for a small 5%, as is having their own personal assistant.

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Lee Biggins, CEO of CV-Library, said: “It’s great to have clear goals at work, but it’s important to be realistic. If your employer doesn’t offer company cars or the opportunity to travel then it’s no good measuring your success on these areas — unless you’re prepared to look for a new job entirely.

“If in doubt, talk to your boss about your aspirations. Find out whether you’ll be able to meet your objectives in your current role. In most cases, hard work and determination pays off, but if you’re early on in your career, a little patience never goes a miss too.”

The research also found differences between the preferences of men and women when it comes to success at work.

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More women favour being trusted to do their job than men, at 73% compared with a slightly smaller 67%.

However, more men see success as earning over £50,000 a year than women, at 40% compared with just 29%.

And more women favour working from home when they want than men, at 27% compared with 17%.

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