Walmart’s Bakery Has a New 3-In-1 Dessert You Have To See To Believe

It has something for "Every Buddy."



Can’t decide between pie, cheesecake, and a muffin? "Cake Boss" star Buddy Valastro has an answer to your quandary, and he’s selling it at Walmart. Valastro’s brand, Carlo’s Bake Shop has created three desserts in one—each tailored to the season. Meet Every Buddy’s Spring Cake.

Carlo's Bake Shop's New Every Buddy’s Spring Cake Available Now at Walmart

The 3 1/2-pound creation combines raspberry crumb pie, lemon cheesecake, and a layer of blueberry muffin cake, all spread with a thick layer of vanilla buttercream. At $24.98 in the refrigerator section, the confection is on the pricey side for Walmart, but compared to other bakeries, the eight-serving dessert isn’t such a bad deal.

Unless you look at the reviews, that is. There are only two critiques on the Walmart website so far, but neither is particularly favorable. A three-star review claimed that “When the cake thaws, the icing begins to fall off in a peeled layer.” A one-star review entitled, “Just no” also complained about the “scary ratio” of buttercream, and referred to the muffin layer as “the saddest muffin in the world.”

Carlo's Bake Shop Treats at Walmart

Walmart began stocking Carlo’s Bake Shop sweets last fall. At the time, Valastro debuted an Every Buddy’s Fall Cake, which included pumpkin cheesecake, apple crumb pie, and pecan pie, surrounded by spiced maple buttercream. The winter version stacked hot cocoa pie with New York-style cheesecake and blue velvet sponge cake.

Similarly excessive cakes are nothing new. Remember the cherpumple? In 2010, humorist Charles Phoenix created a cake-and-pie answer to the turducken. The recipe featured cherry, pumpkin, and apple pies, each encased in a different cake, stacked to the heavens. And the joke caught on.

But those of us with a serious sweet tooth are the ones getting the last laugh. Even if the Every Buddy’s Cake is a tad excessive for some, there are lots of other Carlo’s Bake Shop options at Walmart. Oversized slices of rainbow layer cake, chocolate fudge cake, and carrot cake could be a good gateway to the commitment of a full-size Carlo’s Bake Shop dessert. We’ve got our eye on Every Buddy’s Chocolate Cake—chocolate pecan pie, chocolate sponge cake, and cheesecake, covered in salted caramel buttercream.

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