These Wall Mural Ideas Can Give Your Space an Entirely New Look

wall mural ideas
20 Wall Mural Ideas to Reinvent Any RoomKirsten Francis

Whether in the form of a nature landscape, abstract design or geometric pattern, wall murals add character and personality to any space. Imagine lush trees growing on your bedroom walls, dramatic black strokes lining your living room or a tropical rainforest in place of a kitchen backsplash. Regardless if you're looking to install a mural wallpaper design, hire a muralist to hand-paint your walls or tackle a DIY project, we've rounded up wall mural ideas that will transform your boring walls.

You don't need to be a professional to paint a beautiful accent wall — think simple waves, rainbows, triangles and flowers that can be sketched onto the wall beforehand. Try dreamy clouds on a playroom ceiling, blooming flowers in a staircase or eye doodles scattered across a bathroom wall. When your imagination is at play, the options are truly endless.

As you scroll these conversation-worthy ideas, you'll find a mix of easy murals and more challenging designs — like a tree-lined lake and Von Gogh-inspired cherry blossom branches. We've included inspiration for small spaces, like tiny alcoves or reading corners, as well as spacious rooms where all walls are adorned with intricate details. And if you're not ready to break out the paint brush, you can explore options like custom or peel-and-stick wall murals.

Cherry Blossoms

Inspired by a Van Gogh painting, these dramatic cherry blossom branches look striking in an entry. Varied shades of green create a textured background for the dark branches and coral blooms.

Get the tutorial at DIY in Progress »

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cherry blossom wall mural in entry
DIY in Progress

Striped Waves

After creating a blueprint with painter's tape, blogger Laura Gummerman outlined the area in colored pencil and got to work painting the waves in warm hues.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess »

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wave dining room mural
A Beautiful Mess

Graffiti Art

Comprised of hearts, smiley faces and lightning bolts, this graffiti-style mural infuses color into a girl's bedroom lounge area. Worried about recreating this bold look with paint? Muralist @coreypaige_designs sells her art as wallpaper, too.

living room with graffiti mural

Lush Forest

Showcasing different types of trees, this jungle mural brings the beauty of nature into a kids' bedroom. Here, Collected Interiors adorns the wall behind the beds to create a dramatic focal point.

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kids bedroom with two beds and jungle mural
Nicole Dianne Photography

Beachy Waterfall

From the clouds and cascading waterfall to the blooming flowers and island palm trees, this coastal mural creates a sense of calm in a sunny bedroom by DATE Interiors.

wall mural ideas
Kirsten Francis

Simple Stripes

You don't need to be an artist to recreate this minimalist wall mural. Bloggers Niña Williams and Cecilia Moyer use a kitchen sponge and sage green paint to adorn groups of three lines evenly on a plain white wall.

adult craft ideas, framed leaf prints in the entryway
Nina Williams Blog

Tasteful Triangles

Keep it simple with a few triangle shapes painted in various shades of coral, ranging from light to dark. Hint: You'll need painter's tape, a mini paint roller and level.

Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth »

triangle wall mural
Sugar & Cloth

Dreamy Clouds

Inspire any child's creativity by painting clouds on the ceiling. This adorable playroom, designed by Rincon Rd, features blue and gray clouds along a slanted ceiling.

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amy bartlam playroom with mural cloud ceiling

Whimsical Flowers

Starting with a deep olive background, this blogger uses chalk to sketch out botanical leaves, round berries and blooming flowers. Various paint shades, including Behr's Flamingo Feather and Tangy Green, bring the wall to life.

Get the tutorial at Oh Yay Studio »

flower wall mural
Oh Yay Studio

Geometric Shapes

With painter's tape, it's easier than expected to add geometric shapes to solid white walls. Here, Blueberry Jones Design paints three triangle shapes — one in navy, yellow and pale green — to jazz up a boring bathroom wall.

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bathroom with geometric mural
Avery Nicole Photography

Botanical Leaves

Cozy up a reading corner with a grouping of whimsical leaves. Take note from this blogger and paint two large stems coming from the floor and two smaller stems from the ceiling.

Get the tutorial at Lemon Thistle »

tropical plant wall mural in corner
Lemon Thistle

Tropical Rainforest

Swap a traditional kitchen backsplash for a striking wall mural like this look from Shani Core Interiors. Behind crisp white cabinets sits a tropical rainforest, comprised of lush foliage and wildlife.

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tropical mural behind white kitchen cabinets
Matt Horton

Birds in a Tree

Not only does this stairwell — designed by Pastiche Studios — boast aquamarine walls, but a cherry blossom tree takes over one wall. Take notice of the detailed foliage, pink flowers and life-like bird.

bright teal tropical mural near stairwell
Mel Willis

Retro Flowers

Inspired by '70s artwork, these hand-painted daisies add charm to a girl's pink bedroom. This blogger starts with white outlines, then uses mustard yellow paint for the centers.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess »

painted daisy walls in girls bedroom
A Beautiful Mess

Leafy Trees

Dream of sleeping among the trees when you cozy up near this stunning forest landscape. Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors adds this detailed mural wallpaper above the bed, thoughtfully pairing it with a velvet green bed frame.

bedroom ideas, leafy green wallpaper in the room
Christopher Stark

Watching Eye

No need to paint the entire wall! Choose a playful design, like this bold eye pattern and repeat it all over. Just remember to use a tape measure to ensure even placement.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess »

painted eyes in bathroom
A Beautiful Mess

Colorful Rainbow

Infuse color into the bathroom by painting a rainbow on a blank wall. For extra fun, this blogger paints vertical lines from floor to ceiling and horizontal lines running below the rainbow.

Get the tutorial at Kaleidoscope Living »

a bathroom with a toilet and a basket
Designer Trapped

Abstract Lines

Black squiggly lines against a white wall create contrast and drama in this modern living space by Blueberry Jones Design. We love how the strokes seem to have come from an oversized brush.

abstract mural and blue armchair
Avery Nicole Photography

Tree-Lined Lake

This stunning landscape mural will make it feel like you're dining lakeside. Take inspiration from how Hendrick Interiors paints the molding and trim a complementary blue shade.

dining room with forest mural
Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Gray Clouds

Transform an awkward alcove — which doubles as a miniature home office — with a calming cloud wallpaper mural.

See more at Style by Emily Henderson »

home office alcove in bedroom with cloud wallpaper
Tessa Neustadt

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