'Walking Dead' fans react to gruesome way to kill walkers

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On The Walking Dead, Jadis came up with a way to kill walkers reminiscent of the time Rick and Michonne tied a cable between two cars and decided to find out if walkers can limbo. (They can’t). Jadis tricked a whole lot of walkers to walk straight into what was essentially a giant meat grinder, then sat and watched as it spit out their ground-up remains. Unfortunately for Jadis, the walkers being ground up were her former fellow Scavengers, who died only because of her bad decisions.

At Negan’s bidding, Simon showed up to the trash heap to get guns, ammo, and an apology. He was also only supposed to kill one person as punishment for attempting to help Rick. But Simon wasn’t satisfied that Jadis felt genuine remorse, and shot one person. Then another. Jadis punched Simon, knocking him to the ground, and that was the end for the Scavengers. Simon ordered his troops to kill them all, except, apparently, Jadis.


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Fans didn’t seem too upset that the Scavengers are no more, focusing instead on how Jadis disposed of the Scavenger walkers. And despite the huge response, there was only one tweet that perfectly captured the scene.


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