Waffle Your French Toast For Delicious Pockets Of Syrup

Waffle iron with butter and flour
Waffle iron with butter and flour - Zakharova_natalia/Getty Images

There are glittering skyscrapers, soaring airplanes, and treasures in museums, but perhaps one of the finest examples of human ingenuity is something you can find daily on the breakfast table. The waffle, whether Belgian style or buttermilk, homemade or from your grocery store's freezer section, with its grid pattern and surface of little repeating squares perfect for catching syrup, is a true work of art.

However, it may be controversial to say, not everyone is a fan of the classic waffle, regardless of the recipe. Or, one might crave a little variation for their morning meal. Either way, this simple hack offers options and elevates another breakfast staple to masterpiece status.

French toast, with its spiced and custardy interior and beloved eggy, caramelized edges, is hard to beat. But by preparing your pile of slices in a waffle iron, you ensure that you get the best of both breakfast worlds.

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The Way To Waffle Your French Toast

French toast in waffle iron with strawberries on the side
French toast in waffle iron with strawberries on the side - Stefan Tomic/Getty Images

There's more to this waffle supremacy than just aesthetics. The beauty of those squares is twofold. First, there's the textural variation that something like a pancake cannot provide. The walls, standing tall and running crisscross, are thin, crisp, and satisfying, while the floor of each square is tender, all protecting a fluffy center. And then, of course, there are the pockets. Each one is a little vessel for capturing and holding maple syrup (or your preferred topping) in a masterful way that pancakes and French toast simply cannot.

Next time, prepare your French toast slices as you normally would, but instead of reaching for the skillet, grab your waffle iron. Heat it and butter it up, or use nonstick cooking spray. Then, lay your slices inside and proceed the same way you would with traditional waffles. In just a few moments, you'll have a crossover dish that brings the best structural elements from a waffle to the French toast flavor profile, making it a morning meal superstar.

Ways To Enjoy Your Waffled French Toast

Waffled croissant French toast with butter on plate
Waffled croissant French toast with butter on plate - Catursari/Shutterstock

There are many ways to enhance your French toast, and some can be combined with this waffle strategy. For example, take a cue from chef Jacques Pépin and soak your French bread slices in melted ice cream before waffling for an ultimate triad of treats. Or, add a little Grand Marnier or rum for a boozy twist. Change up your choice of bread and use seeded rye, sourdough, cinnamon raisin — or even a croissant.

Of course, you can keep it classic and still embellish your dish with dollops of vanilla whipped cream, or even a scoop of ice cream on top. Bananas foster is a fantastic topping for French toast, too. And, of course, a drizzle is always a welcome decoration in this case, be it maple syrup, chocolate, or caramel sauce.

No matter how you choose to garnish your new creation, you can be sure that those little squares in your waffled French toast will happily hold whatever you decide to put on top.

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