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Viral TikTok meme lets users ‘scream’ in frustration

TikTokers are using a trending sound to metaphorically scream at the top of their lungs — inside and out.

The sound is a 19-second mashup of several different screams from separate projects. It features shrieks from X, Avatar and Euphoria. They were put together by @mqximofeditz_ in an edit of Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) crying in an episode of Euphoria. The sound, titled “women screaming,” has over 20,000 videos attached to it and a myriad of uses.

Although many of the screams come from heartbreaking scenes in their respective projects, TikTokers are primarily using the sound for jokes.

“Pov: you told someone that a person doesn’t act like that just because of their zodiac sign,” joked @cioqb.

People in the comments related to this exact feeling.

“They r actually so chronically online i be feelin sorry for them sometimes,” said @user061936922.

One of the most popular videos in the trend jokes about childhood while using the “women screaming” audio on their mother.

“Pov: You told your strict mom how far yall really went with them bikes as a kid,” @ddkrueger writes in a post.

“I legit biked 25 miles when I was 13 just to go hang in the city,” said @something.else2222.

The next time a scream needs to be let out, know there is a TikTok audio ready-made for the situation.

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