Viral “Dune: Part Two ”Sandworm“ ”Popcorn Buckets Are Being Resold for Over $800 Online

AMC Theaters originally priced the souvenirs, which resemble the sci-fi franchise’s sandworms, at just $24.99 plus tax

<p>Randy Holmes / Disney via Getty </p> Timothée Chalamet and Jimmy Kimmel with the viral AMC Theaters

Randy Holmes / Disney via Getty

Timothée Chalamet and Jimmy Kimmel with the viral AMC Theaters 'Dune: Part Two' popcorn bucket.

The Dune sandworms have slithered their way to uncharted territory: eBay.

Dune: Part Two hit the big screen last weekend, and AMC Theaters' viral sandworm popcorn bucket — which the company released for in-theater purchase in honor of the highly anticipated sequel — is already being listed for sale on eBay, with prices reaching over $800!

The collectible buckets — which resemble the Dune-iverse’s enormous desert creatures, Shai-Hulud — were originally sold by AMC for $24.99 plus tax. And while most of the listings on the online retailer currently range from $40 to $100, there are several asking for far more.

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The most expensive eBay listing, as of Wednesday afternoon? $846.36 — nearly 34 times the original price of the limited-edition souvenir.

And while nobody has purchased the most staggeringly priced buckets yet, since the premiere of the sci-fi sequel, they have been sold on the retailer for over $100.

Since it was announced, the Dune popcorn bucket and its unique design (to grab popcorn, you have to reach your hand through rubbery sandworm teeth) have been almost as talked-about as the sequel itself.

The bucket has inspired a raunchy SNL music video and a whole lot of memes — many of which are sexual in nature.

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On Jimmy Kimmel Live last month, Dune: Part Two cast members Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh and Austin Butler reacted to the viral collectible — and let’s just say they won’t be shelling out big bucks for it.

On the talk show, host Kimmel offered the bucket to Zendaya, who respectfully declined, saying, "I'm good. Really, I'm okay."

Chalamet accepted, jokingly pretending that his arm was being eaten by the rubber creature, while Pugh gave a puzzled response. “Who made that?” she asked. “That's not okay. That's wrong."

<p>Jimmy Kimmel Live/ YouTube</p> The cast of 'Dune: Part Two' reacting to the viral popcorn bucket

Jimmy Kimmel Live/ YouTube

The cast of 'Dune: Part Two' reacting to the viral popcorn bucket

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More recently, in an interview with The New York Times, Chalamet and Dune and Dune: Part Two director Denis Villeneuve weighed in on the viral bucket together.

“I don’t want to make stupid jokes right now that will I regret tomorrow morning,” Villendeuve told the outlet. “But I will say this. When I saw it, I went, ‘Hoooooly smokes.’ What the [expletive]!?"

The director also pointed out that the collectible has “created a lot of fun online. So maybe it’s positive? It’s some kind of … impressive design.”

Chalamet, on the other hand, wondered how the bucket’s creator feels about the attention it has garnered, adding, “I can’t tell if someone is at home right now going, ‘My design worked perfectly and everyone’s talking about it.’ Or if someone’s brutally offended by the response.”

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