The Viral Cajun Egg Boil That Took TikTok By Storm

Cajun egg boil in white bowl
Cajun egg boil in white bowl - cookingbysysyy / Instagram

When you think of a Cajun boil it probably conjures images of seafood, potatoes, and corn on the cob boiled in the same pot with an abundance of seasoning, with all of the delicious flavors simmering together. Whether it's a Cajun crawfish boil, a New Orleans-style shrimp boil, or any other combination of delicious seafood, there's also the enticing image of the entire pot dumped out and spread on a table to be devoured bit by bit. The only downside is that it does take a little planning to have all of the ingredients on hand. But what if you want to take advantage of many of the same flavors without whipping up an entire feast?

That's where the viral Cajun egg boil comes in. Not only is it super quick to make, but you've probably got all of the necessary ingredients already. And since it doesn't involve making a huge pot of food, it's the perfect snack (or entree) when you're cooking for one, which is maybe why it resonated so well with TikTok's audience. Since TikTok users tend to be younger, many are probably eager to learn how to make flavorful dishes that don't require a lot of time or an entire family to polish them off.

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The Cajun Egg Boil Is Super Simple To Make

Old Bay among other seasonings
Old Bay among other seasonings - Bloomberg/Getty Images

One TikTok creator demonstrated just how easy it is to make a "little snacky snack" in a viral video that has reached a whole lot of users. With over 460 thousand likes, people are loving this egg boil. All you'll need to make it for yourself are some hardboiled eggs, seasonings, and a few other ingredients that you'll find in most kitchens. Gather up some butter, chicken broth, lemon juice, minced garlic, Old Bay seasoning, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and salt and pepper to taste, and you'll be ready to get boiling.

After letting the ingredients simmer, it's time to bathe the eggs in the sauce. The video recommends poking a couple of holes in the hardboiled eggs first, as this will allow them to absorb all of the flavors from the Cajun-flavored liquid. The more holes you poke, the more flavor will be absorbed. After giving the eggs their bath in the boil, all that's left to do is transfer them to a bowl, pour the Cajun sauce on top, and enjoy!

Will The Viral TikTok Boil Work With Non-Egg Ingredients?

Cajun egg boil with sausage and shrimp
Cajun egg boil with sausage and shrimp - noah_grant99 / Instagram

Not everyone is a fan of hardboiled eggs, but that doesn't mean those who don't enjoy them or have egg allergies can't take advantage of this quick Cajun boil. The viral TikTok egg boil will also work with other ingredients, as many commenters who tried it pointed out. One user with an egg allergy said that they tried it with potatoes instead and decided they no longer needed to go out to eat to get their Cajun boil fix!

Another user mentioned that they made a super quick seafood boil using the same recipe by adding shrimp, crab legs, sausage, corn, and potatoes. One commenter even mentioned trying it with imitation crab meat, while quite a few also mentioned how the egg and Cajun boil would go perfectly with ramen.

If you want to incorporate eggs but you're not a fan of them hardboiled, you can poach or soft boil your eggs instead. Or, consider pouring the sauce directly over sunny-side up or over-easy eggs. The runny yolk from poached or sunny-side up eggs will thicken the Cajun boil as it blends in, giving the mix a creaminess that is also extra savory. There are so many options for trying this boiling technique, which opens the doors for home cooks to incorporate the delicious flavors of Cajun cuisine into their favorite snacks.

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