Vikings pull off glorious 'duck, duck, goose' TD celebration

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The Vikings recreated the kids’ game “duck, duck, goose” after a touchdown. (AP)
The Vikings recreated the kids’ game “duck, duck, goose” after a touchdown. (AP)

The NFL’s relaxed rules on celebrations have proven that players are pretty creative.

The Philadelphia Eagles“home run” celebration is unlikely to be topped this season, but teams will try. And the Minnesota Vikings made a strong run at the “best celebration” title on Monday night.

When Kyle Rudolph caught a touchdown pass from Case Keenum, the Vikings rushed to the end zone. Then they all sat in a circle and recreated the kids’ game “duck, duck, goose.” I enjoy thinking about players coming up with the idea and then practicing it during the week.

(Yes, I know it’s “duck, duck, gray duck” in Minnesota, but Minnesota can be a strange place so we won’t acknowledge that here.)

See? The world didn’t melt because the Vikings had some fun. The children aren’t scarred forever because the Eagles mimicked a baseball game in the end zone. It took the NFL a long, long time to figure out that players having some fun and entertaining us isn’t the worst thing. The league got this one right.

There wasn’t much about “Monday Night Football” that was very interesting before Minnesota scored. When the Vikings finally got in the end zone, they gave us a highlight.

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