Your views: Sunderland 1-5 Blackburn

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We asked for your thoughts after Sunderland's heavy loss to Blackburn Rovers. Here are some of your comments:

Colin: Words fail me. We get a decent result against Cardiff and the next game come up with this dross, but nothing surprises me about this club anymore.

Stephen: Shameful as Saturday's thrashing by Blackburn was not entirely a surprise. All the good work of last season has been undone by failure to address glaring deficiencies in the squad of players. The sacking of a competent head coach in Tony Mowbray and replacement with Mike Beale and then Mike Dodds has been a disaster.

Dave: Need a total shake-up. All young players sounds great except you need three or four older, wiser players to steady everything. Chopping and changing managers is not helping. Hopefully we steady and regroup for next season.

Lee: KLD, Speakman, Dodds and the players should all hang their heads in shame. 5-1 at home against a team that's 19th in the league - SHOCKING! No excuse, it's just pathetic! I am definitely not renewing my season ticket to watch this garbage. We are a laughing stock… AGAIN.

Johnny: Another defeat. It seems inevitable that whenever we concede, our heads immediately drop which is to be expected in such a young, inexperienced side. Every week it’s the same story; we start off well with lots of chances, then we make one mistake and the opponents are given full control over the game. We need a striker and we need more experience.