Your views on Sunday's game

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We asked for your opinions on Sunday's Premier League fixture between Arsenal and Everton, which saw the Gunners miss out on the Premier League title.

Here are some of the best responses:

Arsenal fans

Martin: The stress caught up to us and, although we eventually got the win, there was no hope from the Etihad. An incredible effort and an improvement on last season. We just need to make crucial adjustments like a younger defensive midfielder and a striker in the summer, as that will get us the title. Surely Manchester City can't keep it up for a fifth year in a row.

Richard: I think Arsenal have been fantastic all season. We have the best defence, the most clean sheets and the best coach. Arsenal have come short, but this will make them stronger and keep the team together. It will show that Arsenal trust what they have.

Aston: So close yet so far! We have done wonderfully for two season in a row. I feel like we are the only ones who will push Manchester City again next season, so let's see how we keep improving our squad this summer.

Sam: Ultimately, the 11 points dropped by us in December were what cost us the league. In those matches, our lack of potency up front was being scrutinised and, when push comes to shove, I think it is still the area we need to address most over the summer. Havertz has been scintillating since January but we need a natural number nine to get us over the line.

Everton fans

Ifan: Proud of our team! We played well, but Arsenal were hungry for the win. To take the lead and then hold Arsenal for 88 minutes, at their ground, is an achievement. To finish 15th on 40 points, 48 points without points deductions, has made for a relaxing end to the season for us Evertonians. Thank you, Sean Dyche! Roll on 2024-25 season!

Chris: An against the run of play lead, but there was hope that we could've held on for a point. Without the points deduction, a respectable mid-table finish would've been ours and it would've been our best season in four years. Well done to Sean Dyche and the players. Next season may be harder - we could have a nine point deduction to contend with. C'est la vie!

David: Well done to Everton over the past few weeks for surviving relegation. Today's performance was typical of our fighting spirit over the latter part of the season. If not for those eight points deducted, we would've finished 12th overall and that is great credit to Dyche, his staff and the players. Enjoy the summer Evertonians everywhere!

John: I'm looking forward to next season when all of our players will be fit. With a brilliant manager in Sean Dyche, we will be looking for a top-half finish.