Your views on Nottingham Forest v Fulham

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We asked for your thoughts on Tuesday's Premier League game between Nottingham Forest and Fulham.

Here are some of your responses:

Shaun: Nuno picked the right players and got them to go at Fulham. He made sure they did not settled for a one-goal lead and got them to push on. Nuno now knows what the players can do, so let's see more of it.

Martin: For the first time in ages it sounded like the boys were enjoying themselves. Heart in mouth after Fulham scored but a well-deserved victory and three points. Glad to see Gibbs-White getting his name on the scoresheet - he brings so much to us. Well done, lads!

Sean: It was the kind of game where we showed just how good we can be. Fast-paced, clinical attack - and we could have had more. Equally as important, our heads didn't drop when Fulham scored. Defensively we were stronger, whereas last season that could have led to more opposition goals. Great atmosphere too. Got to keep this up now to the end.