Your views on Arsenal v Chelsea

Your views

We asked you for your views on Arsenal's 5-0 win over Chelsea in the Premier League on Tuesday.

Here are a selection of your responses:

Arsenal fans

Peter: Excellent performance. Arsenal may well be the best team in the Premier League, but still may not win it. Either way it is a step forward for Mikel Arteta and his talented young team.

Robert: Looking at this game must send out a message to Liverpool and Man City. An all-round performance by everyone shows Arsenal are in a better place mentally than last year. They have grown and taking this momentum into the derby against Spurs only benefits the Arsenal.

Neal: Flattering scoreline but we should have secured a second goal very early on while Chelsea were in disarray. Worrying period towards end of the first half where Chelsea almost nicked a goal on the counter-attack. Had they scored I feel the game would have been very different, however, once we scored again in the second half they crumbled.

Ian: Arsenal were superb. Chelsea were lucky to only lose by five goals as it could have been a lot more. If they don't win the title this year, its is Arsenal in 2025.

Chelsea fans

Andy: A shockingly embarrassing performance. What on earth was Pochettino thinking with that line up? Changing three of the defence away to Arsenal - no surprise they were all over the place. Enzo and Caicedo so poor and average compared to the excellent Rice and Odegaard. This is the worst Chelsea squad I can remember. They are not fit to wear the shirt.

Diane: There was a young lad holding a sign that said 'I don't want your shirt. I want you to fight for yours'. That out of the mouths of babes just sums up the whole game. Well done young man.

John: Toothless, gutless performance. I'm struggling to find any sort of positive from this performance. We are mid-table at best with no sign of any of these players being capable of a consistent team performance.

Rob: Picking those two centre-backs after a good performances by Silva and Chalobah was criminal and playing a young player alongside them was setting him up to fail. Third choices (if everyone fit) across entire back four and we wonder why we fail. Enzo and Gallagher way off the pace. Mismanagement on a grand scale.

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