‘The View’: Whoopi Says ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ That Beyoncé Has Never Won Album of the Year, Given Variety of Her 32 Grammys | Video

Jay-Z and music fans may be upset that Beyoncé has never won a Grammy for Album of the Year, but Whoopi Goldberg really isn’t. On Monday’s episode of “The View,” the ABC host argued that, considering Beyoncé has 32 other Grammy wins, “it doesn’t matter” that she hasn’t won this particular category.

As part of the day’s Hot Topics, the women discussed how they felt about Jay-Z using his time on stage to call out the Recording Academy for never honoring his wife with an Album of the Year win. And, for the most part, the women at the table respected the rapper’s choice, with Sara Haines arguing he had “a powerful point.”

“I thought he did the perfect thing because this was a year where Beyonce wasn’t up for Best Album. So what he’s saying is from the outside, be aware,” Haines said. “Because progress has happened in a lot of ways.”

She added, “He’s accepting a Global Impact Award. That is the time to say things have changed. They don’t always get it right, but let’s keep our eyes open. Like, that’s where progress is made. And I thought it was so powerful and beautiful.”

Host Sunny Hostin applauded Jay-Z’s “courage” to call it out, but admitted she was far more interested in Whoopi’s opinion on the whole situation, considering Whoopi herself has won a Grammy.

And, for Whoopi, the lack of one Grammy isn’t a huge deal, considering Beyoncé has won 32 others.

“So I kind of appreciate all of that. And they’re not for just one thing,” Whoopi said. “So, for me, she is — it doesn’t matter if they give her that album. I mean, and listen, it’s subjective. People are voting. You can’t determine who’s doing it, unless you’re the person voting. So, I think [32] is kind of not a terrible number!”

Speaking more broadly, Whoopi remains happy that the Grammys exist and recognize a wide breadth of artists.

“They are these superhuman women who do this extraordinary thing,” she said of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. “So I’m not mad at anybody for anything that’s happening, because we’re taking these women — we’re not hiding them. We’re saying here’s what women are doing. And they’re black, and they’re white, and they’re Asian, they’re Spanish. They’re all kinds of stuff. So, I’m grateful. I know what it takes to do what you got to do.”

You can watch the full discussion from “The View” in the video above.

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