“The View”'s Sunny Hostin says she learned gay people can identify each other by scent

“The View”'s Sunny Hostin says she learned gay people can identify each other by scent

The View cohost Sunny Hostin is sniffing out a new theory on gay people.

The talk show's legal expert introduced the theory that gay people can identify other gay people via scent during Monday's Hot Topics discussion, which moderator Whoopi Goldberg began as a chat about Max's new nudity-based dating series Naked Attraction.

"I'm very embarrassed to admit that [my husband] Manny and I got so obsessed with this show that we binged it yesterday, and we watched all eight episodes. I learned things that I never heard in my life," Hostin told her cohosts. "Have you heard of a Prince Albert piercing? I didn't know about that."

The View
The View

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She went on to bring up "research" that "found that gay men have different scent attraction" and that "homosexual people have a nose for each other." She further elaborated, saying that gay people "can actually smell under their arms and, in a blindfold test, can tell which person is gay and which person isn't."

Goldberg looked to the audience and laughed as she rebuked the idea, quipping, "I know too many gay people that say my gaydar is down."

Hostin did not name a specific scientific study, but the New York Times did cover a 2005 experiment in which Swedish researchers found differences in the way cis homosexual and cis heterosexual men process scent in the brain.

Elsewhere on the topic of nudity, panelist Sara Haines was inspired to morph into a human penis while chatting about Naked Attraction on The View, making it one of the most fruitful Hot Topics in recent memory.

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