Video emerges of fight between Florida State kicker and fraternity members

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There’s a video of the fight where Florida State kicker Ricky Aguayo told police he was jumped by fraternity brothers following Florida State’s game vs. Florida in 2016.

The video, which was of course obtained by TMZ, shows Aguayo fighting back against someone before others pile on. It’s not clear just what started the fight — the video starts with Aguayo and another male with their hands up in a mock pose to start a boxing match. But based on Aguayo’s perceived readiness and expectation of a fight, it’s hard to see how he was “jumped.”

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(Via TMZ)
(Via TMZ)

You can view the video in full at the link above. In it, someone is heard on camera saying “You want to do this s*** on our campus when you’re a f****** kicker … your brother never did this s***. That’s why I respected him.”

Aguayo never pressed charges after the incident, which was revealed as part of an investigation into the behavior of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity following a member’s death in November.

Two months later, Aguayo and teammate Ryan Izzo were accused of going into the fraternity house. When the players were found by a fraternity member, a coffee table was smashed and “Turntle,” the fraternity’s turtle, was dead.

From FSU News:

Police reports say at about 2 a.m. Feb. 18, Aguayo, Izzo and another man known only as “Shane” were found on the first floor of the neighboring Phi Sigma Kappa house, which had been ransacked.

Fraternity member Daniel Furmanski, who was awoken by loud “celebratory chants coming from the living room,” spotted one of the football players holding the house pet turtle, named “Turntle.”

Its shell was ripped from its body, according to the police report, and it appeared dead.

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