VIDEO: Ajax Fans & Players Come Together in Support of Abdelhak Nouri Outside His Home

Danny Ryan

Ajax supporters chanted the name of Abdelhak Nouri outside his home on Thursday afternoon in a show of support for the player.

The 20-year-old midfielder tragically collapsed on the pitch during a pre-season friendly in Austria and was ​diagnosed with severe and permanent brain damage after suffering from cardiac arrhythmia.

Thousands of fans waved banners and continuously chanted 'Appie' as the grieving family returned, with the Ajax first-team also there to show their respect. A video of the touching scenes can be seen below.

Nouri's brother, Abderrahim, spoke of his gratitude towards both fans and players, saying that he will notify his brother of their support when he visits him in the hospital.

"We want to thank everyone, everyone, absolutely everyone who was there or not; Muslim or not Muslim, Ajax or Feyenoord, dark or white, old and young for the support and especially the wonderful tribute yesterday," Abderrahim wrote in a letter to AT5, via Goal.

"It's indescribable what this has done and is doing to us.

"Through his good manners, good behavior and good character, so many people have come together who would never to come together these days.

"These are very positive signs for us about the place and rank Abdelhak will receive in the afterlife if the worst scenario happens.

"When I visit my brother, I will whisper it all in his ear. Thank you and continue to trust in God and keep praying and accept what God has for done and has in store for him.

"On behalf of the Nouri familly, thank you."

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