Victoria Beckham Dressed Nicola Peltz Beckham in the Sheerest Possible Dress for Her Paris Fashion Week Show


Just normal mother and daughter-in-law stuff! It seems like just yesterday the rumor was that Victoria Beckham and her daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz Beckham, were feuding over Nicola's wedding dress. Now Victoria is dressing Nicola in a totally sheer dress and posing for cute behind-the-scenes Fashion Week selfies.

On February 27, Posh Spice posted a picture to her Instagram grid showing herself and Nicola, who is married to her oldest son, Brooklyn, posing for a mirror selfie together with the caption “Pre-show prep and fittings in Paris!! 🇫🇷 Kisses.” The pair are standing in a mostly bare room, with a large open window illuminating them from behind.

Victoria looks chic as usual in all black—despite the medical boot on one foot and crutches. She even managed to wear a pointed-toe kitten heel on her uninjured foot. Nicola, meanwhile, wears a light-colored sheer gown, with a decorative embellishment at the waist, which she paired with platform pumps. Standing right behind her MIL, Nicola makes a kissy face at the camera. She reposted Victoria's grid post to her own Stories, adding a teary-face emoji and a pink heart.

<cite class="credit">Instagram/Nicola Peltz Beckham</cite>
Instagram/Nicola Peltz Beckham

Victoria had broken her foot in a “little gym accident,” according to her husband David Beckham's IG story on February 22 (per People). Of course Victoria Beckham isn't going to let a little thing like broken bones stop her from wearing heels. This is Paris Fashion Week, after all.

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