I’ve Been Using Salma Hayek’s Viral Skincare Trick to Get a Glowy, Blemish-Free Complexion

Shoppers noticed a difference in their skin after just “one week.”

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This is going to sound crazy, but a few years ago, I stopped washing my face with heavy cleansers first thing in the morning. I instead replaced my face wash with a heavy dousing of Sva Organics Rose Water Spray. And I'm not the only one reaching for the floral-infused water over their morning cleanser. A video of Salma Hayek is going viral on TikTok where she says her grandmother told her "never wash her face in the morning." And instead, she uses "a lot of rosewater." I found when I started using a rose water toner, my acne flare-ups were few and far between and my dry-leaning combination skin became hydrated and glowy.

The rose water comes in a sturdy glass bottle and is made of hydro-distilled rose petals known to be anti-inflammatory and soothing for irritable skin. It has a screw-on spray nozzle for easy application and can be used on everything from your face to your hair. It can promote hair growth and provide a multitude of remedies for all hair types, according to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick, MD, in a previous piece with InStyle. Even Amazon shoppers dealing with frequent breakouts are noticing fewer "pimples or boils" with consistent use of this product.



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You must be wondering how I substitute washing my face at the start of the day with this rose water toner. While I would recommend consulting your dermatologist first, I can attest did wonders for my blemish-prone, dry combination skin. I now double-cleanse my skin in the evening, and in the morning, I give my skin a quick rinse and then a generous spraying of rose water. My face no longer feels stripped and tight and, without needing additional products, feels hydrated and soft, and my breakouts and dark spots have dwindled substantially over years of use. I reapply throughout the day (even on top of makeup) if my skin needs a pick me up. And when my scalp is feeling itchy and dry, I will apply a liberal amount to my parched locs, and almost immediately, my scalp is soothed and smells amazing.

If you can't take my word or Hayek and her grandmothers, the 2,800 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers may change your mind. Similar to my experience, one reviewer is using the toner in place of their face wash, and they said, “it has cleared their skin so much." They also shared that their "skin [is] visibly moisturized and [has] a nice glow." Another shopper said after one week of use, their daughter's "skin looks much better, and [their] acne is fading away." A final reviewer found the rose water relieved the itching and calmed "an inflammatory response" on their scalp.

If you want Salma Hayek's ageless beauty secret or just to wake up and smell like roses, shop Sva Organics Rose Water Spray for $10 on Amazon.

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