Vanessa Hudgens Awkwardly Dances With ‘Cute’ Dancer on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

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Actress and dancer Vanessa Hudgens joined as a judge on the newest season of So You Think You Can Dance. And she seemed quite taken with hip-hop dancer contestant Luke Dryjski. As Dryjski was interviewed by Hudgens’s fellow judges, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe, she got caught with the giggles and interrupted them saying, “He’s so cute.” Lythgoe pointed out the importance of this moment to the 29-year-old contestant, saying, “Vanessa Hudgens thinks you’re cute!”

Dryjski took the lighthearted flirting in stride, but when he started dancing to the Weeknd’s “Star Boy” it was pretty clear to Lythgoe that Dryjski was not SYTYCD material, and he cut the music short. Though the judges very politely declined to bring Luke onto the show, Hudgens just couldn’t quit him and said, “I want to dance on the stage with you. I feel like we would have a really great time.”

When Dryjski called her bluff and invited her onstage, they shared a slightly awkward but definitely cute dance to the delight of the audience and seemingly to Dryjski. When asked by Lythgoe if he enjoyed that, he said, “Oh, yeah.”

But it turns out Dryjski is a man who just can’t be tied down, even by the likes of Vanessa Hudgens. Backstage he said, “I thought she was good, but she wasn’t, like, amazing or anything.”

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