Valentine's Day Pretzel Hearts Are Almost Too Easy To Make

Valentine's Day hearts on table
Valentine's Day hearts on table - the_hutch_oven/Instagram

As Valentine's Day approaches, you'll see some of the coolest, holiday-themed versions of sweets and treats begin to flood social media. While cookies and even donuts have been remade in the colors and shapes of hearts, there's another favorite snack that's getting a romantic makeover. Surprisingly, social media bakers have found a way to make pretzels a part of the Valentine's Day lineup of treats. While they're usually known for being salty, adding some colorful melted chocolate will quickly bring out the sweetest side of this classic snack. Best of all, they're easy to make.

By melting white chocolate or candy, you can easily fill each pretzel. Add some heart-shaped sprinkles, and it's a beautiful Valentine's Day treat that will have you filling up your bowls and snacking away through the rest of the month. Here's an exciting look into how you can make these Valentine's Day–themed pretzels yourself.

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How Valentine's Day Pretzels Are Being Made On Social Media

Valentine's Day pretzel held up
Valentine's Day pretzel held up - the_hutch_oven/Instagram

For those of you who are searching for the best Valentine's Day treats, look no further. Instagram baker the_hutch_oven recently posted a video that shows just how to create Valentine's Day pretzel hearts. By taking a mini pretzel and laying it flat on a counter, the Instagram creator first fills and covers the entire center of the pretzel area, including its three holes. They make sure to leave just a bit of the outer edges of the pretzel as an outline. The first filling appears to either be red icing or melted candy. The final step is placing some heart-shaped sprinkles. That's literally it, folks. Incredibly, there's two more alternatives to this nifty Valentine's Day snack. Just as the_hutch_oven does, you can fill your pretzel with white chocolate and add little red heart sprinkles in the center or even do a nice drizzle design over it. The video below will show how beautiful these heart-shaped pretzels come out.

Instagram users are blown away by this new design. "What a sweet little treat!" hails one impressed commenter. More posts are left with comments saying simply, "Adorable" and "These are so cute." These are certainly a hit, so you'll definitely want to get started if you plan on making them for the holiday.

The Best Way To Package Your New Valentine's Day Pretzels

Bakery boxes with red and white twine
Bakery boxes with red and white twine - kobeza/Shutterstock

As you embark on crafting these beautifully designed sweets for the holiday, you may discover that you're not just making a few for yourself and your Valentine. The production may extend to dozens for friends and family, or they may become delightful offerings for work or school. If you're going to wrap up these confections like a pro, you're going to want to make sure they don't get ruined after all your hard work. If you're grappling with the decision of what to use, opt for wax paper for its cost-effectiveness and non-stick properties. With wax paper, you can get a lot of mileage out of its non-stick surface and thick coating, making it ideal for wrapping Valentine's Day pretzels. Wax paper can even be fashioned into a funnel for dispensing melted candy or chocolate.

When it comes to packaging larger quantities of Valentine's Day pretzels, consider placing them in bakery boxes. Alternatively, tin pans or corrugated boxes work just as effectively if available. You can move these delectable treats from place to place the same way you would if you were transporting cookies without a mess. Simply separate each pretzel with wax paper, arrange them in rows, and you'll be prepared to deliver them to your recipients with confidence and a smile.

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