V of BTS' Latest Solo Single "FRI(END)S" Balances the Fine Line Between Friends and Lovers

a person in a suit leaning against a wall
V of BTS Looks Incredible in Pic Teasing New SongBIGHIT MUSIC

Let's be honest. We've all had the universal experience of crushing hard on a friend—so much so, that *plenty* of artists continue to release straight-up bangers that candidly capture the experience (see: Tate McRae, Zara Larsson, Sabrina Carpenter, etc.) The latest music icon to weigh in on the falling-for-a-friend epidemic? That'd be BTS'V, who just dropped his new single, "FRI(END)S"—which fans theorize is a sequel to "For Us" from his first solo album, Layover.

a person in a suit leaning against a wall

V initially teased the track on March 6 with a short film that spelled out the song's title with different objects, from carved apples and playing cards to crossword puzzles and balloons.

In the track's official music video teaser, V portrays a multifaceted character who has no problem eating takeout from his fridge alone (tbh, same). The stillness of his snack break then transforms into an environment where a bunch of people begin fighting and interacting with each other. V? He's there, looking fly and unbothered in a sleek black suit.

"FRI(END)S" ushers in a new era for the BTS alum, who's experimenting with a unique and soulful sound. The song's lyrics dive into the uncharted territory that comes with catching feelings for a friend. It's a weird boundary, and the vocalist acknowledges that it's hard to "turn around," or go back to being friends, once you cross the line from a platonic relationship to a (semi) romantic one.

That being said, you can check out the full song for yourself riiight here 🕺🕺🕺:

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