UTSA player can't see through smoke machine fog, runs into fireworks wagon

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(VIa John Elizondo)
(VIa John Elizondo)

Texas-San Antonio’s Carter McCarthy found out just how thick the fog can be from smoke machines.

As UTSA ran out on the field before its game against Baylor on Saturday, it’s pretty (unclear) that McCarthy couldn’t see where he was going in the gaggle of players. That led him to accidentally toppling over the cart of fireworks placed on the edge of the smoke to add to the dramatic entrance.

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Not long after McCarthy hit the wagon, the fireworks went off.

That could have been really bad. We’re guessing that UTSA’s entrance will be a little different the next time the team plays at home. The fireworks could be a little further away from the players, or maybe everyone will go a little slower onto the field. There’s no need for a pyrotechnic disaster to delay a game or injure anyone.

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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