U.S. Open: You must watch this ridiculous shot from a hospitality tent

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M.J. Daffue is playing in his first U.S. Open. After nine holes on Friday, he was leading the U.S. Open by three strokes. Those facts combined would melt the brains of most people who watch golf, but the people who are capable of playing it are made of sterner stuff. Stuff that drives them to take shots like this, for instance:

(Via screenshot)
(Via screenshot)

Yes, that's Daffue, pronounced "Duffy," preparing to drive off the deck from a hospitality tent alongside the 14th hole at The Country Club. You can just see the fairway in the far right; the hole is still another 287 yards away.

Put simply: this is a ridiculous shot, between trees and fenceposts and tents and, oh yeah, people. How did it go? Observe:

Unfortunately, Daffue would chunk his chip from the fringe and bogey the hole, part of a rough stretch that saw him surrender the outright lead. But he'll always have this brilliance ... and thankfully, nobody in the tent has a concussion or a missing tooth as a result.


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