Upgrade Your Next Breakfast With TikTok's Pesto Egg-In-A-Hole

egg in a hole
egg in a hole - Itsra Sanprasert/Shutterstock

Eggs with toast is the perfect breakfast, as it's tasty, fulfilling, and relatively easy to make. If you want to elevate your breakfast experience a bit, TikTok has just the dish for you. Food-minded followers of the social media site are salivating over pesto egg-in-a-hole, which features a fried egg in the center of a piece of bread with pesto sauce as an accompaniment. Consisting of ingredients like pine nuts, basil, parmesan, and olive oil, pesto sauce can actually take the place of oil or butter when pan-frying an egg.

The classic green pesto variety, which hails from Genoa, Italy, is perhaps the best known. However, there are many different types of pesto, which typically feature the core pesto ingredients along with a little something extra. Depending on the recipe, pesto sauce can include sun-dried tomatoes, cured pork, walnuts, or citrus juice. No matter what variety you end up using, it's hard to deny the appeal of pesto and eggs, especially when housed within a crusty piece of toast.

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Why Pesto Works So Well With Fried Eggs

Homemade pesto sauce and ingredients
Homemade pesto sauce and ingredients - sweet marshmallow/Shutterstock

Pesto has been around since ancient Roman times and is most often associated with pasta dishes. However, the sauce pairs very nicely with many other preparations, including eggs. As illustrated in a video on TikTok, a smattering of pesto at the bottom of the pan is great for frying up a tasty egg. This has much to do with the olive oil included in the sauce, which can give fried eggs the perfect crisp exterior. The flavors in pesto sauce also pair impressively with fried eggs, giving them a salty, toasty, and herbaceous counterpoint.

In the video, the content creator is generous when spooning pesto into the pan, using it to season not just the egg but also the bread. As a result, both the toast and its yolky center are imbued with pesto's unique savor. As a key ingredient, basil offers a minor touch of spice combined with subtle sweetness. These characteristics can temper the richness of fried eggs while also creating a more complex flavor profile. As for pine nuts, they impart a subtle roasted, nutty flavor into dishes with just the smallest underlying hint of sweetness. Of course, you can't forget about the parmesan cheese in pesto sauce. Parmesan is known for its tangy flavor profile, as well as notes of rich nuttiness.

Tips On Constructing A Sturdy Egg-In-A-Hole

Person slicing ciabatta bread
Person slicing ciabatta bread - Oksana Zinchenko/Getty Images

Amazing flavor combinations are of paramount importance when it comes to this recipe, but the structure is equally so. Egg-in-a-hole dishes aren't necessarily difficult to make, but the right technique will keep your toasty breakfast treat aesthetically pleasing. In this case, bread selection is crucial. Ciabatta is nice and hearty, and also makes for a tasty pesto pairing. Italian bread is another classic option for this dish thanks to its thickness.

Along with choosing the best type of bread, you must also exercise care when making a hole in each slice to accommodate your pesto eggs. If you're striving for neatness, use the rim of a glass to form a hole in the center of the bread. You can also use a knife to carve a hole, which is a good option if you want the bottom of the bread slice to remain solid. No matter what method you use, try to keep the hole small enough so that there's ample bread surrounding it. Also, save those bread pieces. These mini toasts will make the perfect accompaniment to your breakfast when slathered in pesto and fried.

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