Upgrade Your Hummus With A Splash Of Salad Dressing

Hummus with a basil dressing
Hummus with a basil dressing - Nataliya Arzamasova/Shutterstock

Creamy, dippable, and always a hit at parties, hummus is a savory Middle Eastern dish that consistently delights diners with its savory flavor and smooth texture. Nevertheless, a plain bowl of hummus can be a bit boring. While you may be able to dress it up with pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of olive oil, there are other, more exciting ways that you could use to elevate it in both taste and style. It all starts with a little salad dressing.

Mixing a splash of salad dressing into your usual hummus could improve the taste, thicken its consistency, and add a vibrant flair to the dip's appearance. The creamy hummus works well with the acidic nature of salad dressing, which brings tart notes that can give your hummus a new lease on life. Try this trick on plain hummus with balsamic vinaigrette, honey mustard, or even Caesar dressing. Ultimately, this upgrade is all about elevating the hummus into a spectacular centerpiece, not just a dressing for the side.

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Bursting With Balsamic

Salad with hummus and balsamic
Salad with hummus and balsamic - bestsalads/Instagram

The combination of a balsamic vinaigrette and hummus is a fantastic marriage of flavors. The tart, fruity elements of the balsamic vinegar delicately fold into the creamy, light hummus. The result is bursting with sweetness and subtle layers of tangy garlic and smooth chickpeas. When adding balsamic to hummus, it's best to taste as you go. This applies to other dressings that also contain vinegar, as the ingredient can quickly overpower the delicate flavor of hummus.

Balsamic vinegar is also a great way to accentuate the flavors of hummus without adding more salt, especially when its sourness is combined with tangy shallots and a little heat from Dijon mustard. Balsamic vinaigrette also offers color contrast when drizzled over hummus, amping up the appearance of the whole dish. What's more, if you're using balsamic glaze, it will also add a glistening, shiny appearance to the soft umber tones of the hummus.

Other Hummus And Dressing Options

Pesto hummus with pesto drizzled over the top
Pesto hummus with pesto drizzled over the top - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

You can easily get inventive when it comes to this mix. Approach it with a similar method as you would use to build a salad, employing your taste buds to identify which flavors complement one another. For instance, an Italian-style vinaigrette that sings with herby basil, earthy rosemary, and nutty olives would work well with plain hummus.

Pesto is another excellent addition to hummus, as it works well with the savory, umami-rich parmesan and the buttery notes of the pine nuts. This team-up will also turn the hummus a soft green. For extra visual appeal, it will look even more sensational with vibrant drizzles of pesto on top.

Once you try adding a bit of salad dressing to your hummus, you'll likely find it challenging to go back. Get creative with the combinations you mix up, and remember that, in the kitchen, you are the artist.

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