The Ultimate Summer Bucket List: 13 Exciting New Things To Try This Summer

Mother Nature is getting ready to turn up the heat: That’s right. Summer is just around the corner. Long summer days bleed into fun summer nights. Everyone finally emerges from winter hibernation, making summer the season to be seen.

We have tips to help you prioritize your health to get that hot summer bod, beauty and fashion products you’ll be itching to try, gear to take your baby with you wherever you go, and upgrades to get your home ready for the heat.

Whether you plan to hang out at home, hit the beach, or travel with the girls, our ultimate summer bucket list includes thirteen exciting new products to start your summer off with a bang.


When the weather gets hot in summer, it’s time to bust out the bikinis, short shorts, and flirty dresses. Be excited to show off that hot summer body! Do what you can to optimize your health all summer long so you feel great every time you get dressed.

1. Kickstart Your Hot Girl Summer With Dr. Kellyann

The early days of summer are the perfect time to do a quick 5-day cleanse to rid your body of toxins and prepare for three months of fun in the sun. You don’t want to feel bloated and groggy during the best part of the year.

Dr. Kellyann’s unique 5 day cleanse can give your body the reset it needs to blossom this summer. Unlike traditional cleanses that focus on deprivation, Dr. Kellyann’s cleanse focuses on nutrient-rich soups and smoothies to keep you satiated while you detoxify your system. Rather than being a quick fix, her cleanse helps you make lifestyle changes that stick to help you reach your weight loss goals faster.

Her Cleanse and Reset book will help you build healthy eating habits beyond the 5-day cleanse. You can focus on eating whole foods this summer so you have the energy to get through the long hot days.

2. Treat Your Hangover With IV Treatments From the IV Doc

Even the healthiest of us go a little too hard during the summer months. You have a glass of rose at the pool with your girls, which turns into opening another bottle, and the following day you wake up feeling less than your best. What if there was a way to boost your hydration and cure your hangover without sitting in a dark room all day?

Bring the doctor to you with the IV Doc’s IV Therapy. They’ll come to your home or hotel and hook you up to an IV formulated explicitly with the electrolytes you need to cure your hangover.

With their basic hangover package, you can also add extra medication based on your symptoms. Whether you’re experiencing a headache, nausea, or heartburn IV Docs’ quick IV treatment can have you feeling back to your regular self in no time.

If you have a bachelorette trip planned this summer, schedule your IV Therapy appointment to ensure you all get the most out of every day. Don’t waste an entire afternoon struggling to drink a glass of water. Have a quick IV Treatment and head off on your next adventure.

3. Fight Pain With CBD Cream From Sunmed

Struggling with pain all day long is no way to enjoy all the wonderful moments summer has to offer. You need to find ways to manage your pain and promote recovery to get outside and bask in the sunny weather.

Whether you have sore muscles from a challenging workout or suffer from a chronic condition, CBD cream from Sunmed can soothe your pain so you can get back to doing what you love. Their products are made with CBD with high-quality terpenes, cocoa butter, and shea to provide maximum moisture and pain relief.

A small 2020 study found that topical CBD treatments effectively alleviate pain in patients who suffered chronic pain from nerve damage. CBD cream works with your body’s endocannabinoid receptors to reduce inflammation and dull the physical manifestation of pain.

4. Add Ritual’s Essential Multivitamin To Your Daily Routine

In addition to preventing pain, you want to do everything you can to boost your immunity. No one wants to come down with a cold or the flu during the summer. Keep yourself healthy by eating a balanced diet, getting proper exercise, and taking a daily multivitamin, and be ready to hit the beach or the pool all summer long.

Before you start popping those multivitamins that have been sitting in the back of your cabinet all year, check the expiration date. While shopping at Ritual, you may be wondering, “Why do vitamins expire?” While multivitamins may not grow mold like old bread, they break down over time. This means your old vitamins may not contain the nutrient boost you were hoping for.

Upgrade your vitamin routine with Ritual’s Essential Multivitamin. They have specific blends for men and women in every stage of life. Unlike traditional vitamins, Ritual contains traceable labeled ingredients, so you know what you’re getting. Their expiration dates are clearly marked, and you won’t miss the mark if you take your daily dose as suggested.

Beauty and Fashion

Summer is a social season. You’ll most likely be out and about at the beach, brunch, picnics, and hikes. Look your best on every adventure this summer offers using these tools to elevate your beauty and fashion game.

1. Give Your Lashes a Makeover With Lashify

Mascara is so yesterday. Of course, you want your lashes to look long, curled, and luscious – but even waterproof mascara tends to smudge the second you splash around in the ocean. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on expensive professional lash extensions, either. Lashify’s eyelash extension kit is the easiest way to enhance your lashes from the comfort of your home.

Their control kit comes with everything you need to make your lashes pop. It comes with two sets of gossamer lashes, a dual-sided bond, and a convenient tool for easy application. Unlike traditional false lashes, these extensions last for days and apply under the lash line. Plus, the tiny gossamer lashes allow you to control how they are placed on your eye.

Lashes in multiple colors and volume levels, so you can create a no-makeup look or add more drama—no need to waste time every morning putting on makeup. Have an easy, breezy summer look with Lashify’s at-home lash extensions.

2. Rock a Chic Bohemian Tunic From Johnny Was

Give yourself a little shopping spree and update your summer wardrobe. You deserve some retail therapy, and your closet should feel as fresh and fun as the summer sun. Summer is the season to be seen, after all. Dress in attention-grabbing prints; don’t be afraid to show a little skin.

That 70s rocker boho chic look is back ever since “Daisy Jones and the Six” premiered on Amazon. Let your hair down this summer, throw on your gold hoop earrings, and let your inner rock goddess fly.

Every girl needs a chic beach coverup to throw on over her bikini. Johnny Was has an array of stylish tunics for women that will flatter any body type. Try one of their unique kimonos over your swimsuit and make a statement while you walk in the surf.

3. Use the Editorialist’s Reviews To Find Your Summer Scent

Complete your summer outfit and flawless makeup look by finding a signature scent that helps you stand out from the crowd. Rather than choose a basic scent like rose or sea breeze, find one that speaks to your memories and sparks emotion.

The Editorialist’s review of Maison Margiela’s Replica perfume dossier explores how scent can bring you back to a specific place and time. It includes the entire array of unisex fragrances from “Lazy Sunday” and “Under the Lemon Tree” to “Jazz Club” and “Coffee Break.” Having a breakdown of what people liked and disliked about each scent can make it easier to choose the perfume that best suits you.

For summer, we suggest giving Beachwalk or Sailing Day a try to evoke the feeling of long days spent by the sea. If you want to try all of Maison Margiela’s Replica fragrances, order their “Memory Box” for a small sample of each scent for $35.

4. Connect with Female-Focused Brands on 10PM Curfew

Let this be the summer you finally launch your career as a social media influencer! Share all the fabulous moments of your summer and watch your audience and engagement grow all summer long. Show them how you style your boho-chic beach look or bring them along while you apply Lashify’s control kit.

Once you have an active following, you can start working with brands and monetizing your accounts. 10PM Curfew is a network that helps beauty, lifestyle, and fashion brands connect with female content creators like you. Their team can help you collaborate with huge brands like Amazon, Hulu, Elf, and more.

You don’t have to be a celebrity influencer to take advantage of 10PM Curfew’s community of like-minded women. They work with influencers at every level, from micro to macro to celebrity. So many brands are excited to work with an authentic, fun-loving girl like you. Put yourself out there with 10PM Curfew.

5. Give Your Man a Barbershop Experience With The Beard Club

Ladies aren’t the only ones who want to make a splash this summer. The men in our lives want to turn heads this season too. Still, men never know which products will help take their hair and skincare to the next level.

If your man is growing out his 5-clock shadow into a beard this summer, support his new look. Treat your man to luxury beard oil by The Beard Club. A drop or two of beard oil once a day can take your partner’s stubble from scratchy and dull to soft, silky, and shiny. Remind him that taking care of his facial hair is skincare.

Quality beard oil will prevent any itchiness resulting from dry skin under a beard. Plus, The Beard Club’s woody citrus scent will have you wanting to lean into his beard and give him a sniff.


If you brought a new baby into the world this year, you’re probably excited to take them out to explore summer. You get to watch your little one experience the ocean and sand for the very first time. Think of all the smiles and giggles the two of you will share. Be prepared for every adventure with these must-have baby items for summer.

Bring Baby on Summer Adventures Thanks to One Babylist

When you have more than one baby, getting from the car to the beach can be challenging, to say the least. You have to juggle both kids, the diaper bag, a cooler, your beach chair, an umbrella, and any other beach essentials. Add toys to entertain the toddler to the mix, and you quickly realize you don’t have enough hands to handle all their stuff.

Don’t spend half of your beach day walking back and forth to your car just to get all the essentials down to the beach. Get yourself one of Babylist’s recommended stroller wagons and set up in the sand in just one trip.

Stroller wagons have larger wheels than traditional strollers, making navigating rough terrain like beach sand easier. Plus, some models can fit up to four kids. Even if you have a big family, you can still get everyone down to play in the surf without too much struggle.

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