U.S. Votes Against UN Resolution for Humanitarian Truce in Gaza

REUTERS/Mohammed Salem
REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

The United Nations General Assembly voted Friday in favor of a non-binding Jordanian-introduced resolution demanding a “humanitarian truce” in Gaza and an end to the violence between Israel and Hamas. According to the Associated Press, before the official vote, Canada introduced an amendment that was supported by the U.S. to denounce Hamas’ “terrorist attacks” and order the release of all Israeli hostages. Al Jazeera reported that 88 of 193 members voted in favor with 55 against and 22 abstentions, resulting in a failure to obtain the required two-thirds majority to be adopted. The General Assembly then overwhelmingly passed the Jordanian resolution, which doesn’t directly mention “Hamas,” with 120 votes for, 14 against, and 45 abstentions. It also called for a ceasefire, humanitarian aid, and resumption of water, electricity, and fuel. Nations that voted against the resolution included Israel, the United States, and Hungary, while countries like Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Ukraine, and the U.K. abstained.

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