U.S. Open: Frenchman Benoit Paire melted down so badly he hit himself with his racket

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/olympics/rio-2016/a/1085269/" data-ylk="slk:Benoit Paire">Benoit Paire</a> of France got smacked with his own tennis racket after he smashed it to the ground in anger. (Getty Images)
Benoit Paire of France got smacked with his own tennis racket after he smashed it to the ground in anger. (Getty Images)

French tennis player Benoit Paire isn’t having the best day at the U.S. Open. He faced Roger Federer in the second round and struggled, which was evident from his attitude on the court. He was constantly angry with himself, and smashed his racket on the ground more than once.

One of those times, the racket fought back.

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Paire smashed the racket on the ground so hard that it bounced up and smacked him right in the face. If you’re interested in seeing that racket smack on an infinite loop, here’s a GIF for your endless enjoyment.

Paire is known for his flashy style of play and on-court tantrums. So you won’t be shocked to find out that this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this! In fact, Paire got in great racket-smashing shape in early August at the Citi Open. He smashed three rackets in Round 1, and then essentially refused to finish the match.

The best part? The prize money for that match was around $7,000. For the racket smashing, he was fined $16,500. Those were some expensive emotions.

Paire ended up losing his second round match against Federer at the U.S. Open. If you listen really hard, you can hear the rest of Paire’s tennis rackets breathing tiny sighs of relief.

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