Tyra Banks Blown Away by Electric Dance Crew on ‘America's Got Talent’

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There have been many dance crews to grace the America’s Got Talent stage over the years, but the Light Balance troupe was unlike all the rest. The Ukrainian group entertained the audience with their awesome dance moves and cool light show.

The dancers’ LED-lined suits provided the only light the pitch-black room during the performance. They somehow were able to dance with precision to Bruno Mars‘s “24K Magic,” with their suits making it a psychedelic experience.

Tyra Banks’s Golden Ticket

It was a flashy, impressive performance that wowed the audience and the judges. But Tyra Banks seemed to be the most impressed. Before the vote, Tyra walked onstage and said, “I’m amazed by you guys. You guys, was this not incredible, like, crazy good? Like blew-my-mind good?” Tyra then headed down to the judges’ table and slammed the Golden Buzzer, sending the Light Balance crew straight to the live shows.

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