The Type Of Cookie You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

types of cookies and zodiac signs
types of cookies and zodiac signs - Static Media / Shutterstock

Not many things in this life are as simple of a pleasure as the smell of fresh cookies baking in the oven — no matter what type they are. Just like all of the signs of the zodiac, not one cookie is better than the rest (even though many would argue the chocolate chip cookie reigns supreme). However, with so many recipes and flavors to choose from, it can be a challenge to land on just one. That's the beauty of knowing your zodiac sign.

From white chocolate macadamia to snickerdoodles and from macarons to shortbread, you can determine which type of cookie you are based on your zodiac sign. But don't worry; no one's expecting you to give up your favorite kind. This is only for fun and completely based on your zodiac signs personality — not taste. So don't be offended if your sign's type of cookie is oatmeal raisin unless you like those, of course.

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Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate chip cookies - Alejandrophotography/Getty Images

The type of cookie an Aries would be is pretty straightforward — but so are these fire signs. The ram represents Aries, and they're known for jumping head-first into any and all new opportunities or interests. Whether that be a career shift or a big move, this mindset can sometimes lead to lessons learned the hard way. Fortunately, Aries is also known for being particularly competitive people. This means that, more often than not, they succeed.

It's fitting that these signs start off the zodiac calendar first because they seem to want to be first in every other aspect of their lives, too. That's why, if the Aries were any type of cookie, they'd be America's favorite: the chocolate chip cookie. More specifically, they'd be whatever one is considered the best chocolate chip cookie in every state. With the combination of chewy and crunchy textures, plus the complimentary flavors of the melty warm chocolate and a pinch of sea salt, it's no wonder why.


double chocolate cookies
double chocolate cookies - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

As the first earth sign on the zodiac calendar, the Taurus represents their element well. Tauruses are stereotyped as being incredibly stubborn — some might even say you could move a mountain easier than them. But their stubbornness isn't without reason. Everyone knows these signs have a calming and level-headed energy that they bring to every person and situation they find themselves in. If they weren't stubborn about how they spend their time — AKA prioritizing their self-care and responsibilities — that wouldn't be possible.

Tauruses work hard, but they chill way harder. They love to indulge in the things that make them feel good. So why shouldn't their cookie do the same? While you could argue every type of cookie feels indulgent, there's only one that this sign could be — one that represents both their earthy nature and indulgent side. That's why they'd be the double chocolate chip cookie. The chocolate batter in this cookie makes it even more indulgent than your regular chocolate chip, but also, with the use of cocoa powder, it's also symbolic of this sign's earthy side.


stack of Oreo cookies
stack of Oreo cookies - Viktoriia Oleinichenko/Getty Images

Geminis don't necessarily get the best wrap, at least not within the zodiac community. Represented by twins, these signs are often accused of being two-faced — but that's simply not the case. Geminis are incredibly social and infinitely curious. It's this sign's busy calendars that give them their twin reputation because they often find themselves wishing they could be in two places at once. For that reason, and that reason alone, the type of cookie the Gemini would be is an Oreo.

There are a few different ways to enjoy an Oreo, and your preferred way to eat one can indicate a lot. In the case of the Gemini, however, these cookies would be eaten the way that's the most fun — the way you probably ate them as a kid — AKA splitting them in half and licking the icing first. Not only does this play into the whole split personality conundrum these signs find themselves in, but it also represents the Gemini's childlike curiosity. If eating Oreos like this says anything about them, it says that they're a whole lot of fun.


Thumbprint cookies with strawberry jam
Thumbprint cookies with strawberry jam - Florentine/Shutterstock

Cancers are the ultimate homebodies — it's all in their crab nature. While they may put up a hard front, these signs are big softies. Intuitive, emotional, and empathetic, at times, the outside world can be overwhelming for these signs. That's why they put so much energy into making their home comfortable. In fact, comfort is what these signs are all about, and that, of course, extends to the food they eat. Even though every type of cookie is arguably a comfort food, these signs are one type in particular, and that's a peanut butter thumbprint cookie with strawberry jam.

The smell of warm cookies in the oven is enough comfort on its own, but when you add two iconic comfort foods — peanut butter and jelly — into the mix, you get something extra cozy. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have been around forever, and you've likely seen them served throughout your childhood. When put into cookie form, they're probably one of the easiest cookie recipes to perfect at home, which is an extra plus for these signs. Not only will they not have to leave their home, but the Cancers will take great pleasure in the aroma they fill it with.


plate of lemon cookies
plate of lemon cookies - Chas53/Getty Images

As the summer baby of the zodiac, Leo knows how to embrace living life to the fullest. These signs are incredibly charismatic, and they have big personalities to match. They're the people you'll want to be around when the summertime FOMO starts to kick in because they'll know exactly what to do and where to take you to ensure you make the most of it before it's over. Considering these signs are also known for living lavishly, that would more than likely include Italy — so, naturally, this sign's cookie is one of the 32 types of Italian ones: the Italian lemon cookie.

Italian summers are the kind most people dream about, and a batch of fresh Italian lemon cookies is the next best thing to actually going there because they bring all the Italian sunshine right to you. Just like the Leo, these cookies' bright lemon flavor is as infectious as their enthusiasm for life. One bite and you have all the Vitamin D you could need, and you don't even have to leave the house. However, a Leo would probably encourage you to do so anyway.


colorful macarons in lines
colorful macarons in lines - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Everybody knows that Virgos are productive — in fact, if you need help getting something done, they're the people to ask. They love crossing things off their to-do lists because they love contributing to something greater than themselves. They get an immense amount of their own self-worth from the tasks that they're able to get done, and they'll often pick up projects just for the satisfaction. That's why, if these signs were any type of cookie, they'd be one that'd keep them occupied for a while, and no cookie is more of a time commitment than the macaron.

Small, sweet, and baked in a range of pretty colors, macarons are deceitfully cute. They're made by whipping egg whites and folding them into a mixture of powdered sugar and almond flour. However, like any other meringue cookie, the results are incredibly unpredictable and unstable. There is a lot of room to make costly mistakes when making meringue, and a lot of factors go into getting these cookies just right — enough to fluster even the most experienced bakers. But, considering the way Virgos always manage to do everything down to the smallest detail to perfection, they're sure to get theirs right on the first try.


peanut butter cookies
peanut butter cookies - Demansia/Getty Images

As the aesthetes of the zodiac, Libras have an exceptional eye for symmetry that makes them talented artists and designers. It's why they're represented by the scale, after all. But these signs aren't only interested in the external. In fact, balance is something they seek to achieve in every aspect of their lives. From work to their relationships and health to their belongings, Libras feel their best when things are working in coherence — and that extends to the food they eat. For this reason, the type of cookie this sign would be would need to include an ingredient that brings all the elements together, and that's miso paste. So, if the Libra were to be any type of cookie, they'd be peanut butter miso cookies.

Miso is a fermented soybean paste from Japan. It's mostly known for its applications in savory dishes, but you can also add miso to baked goods for a subtle flavor boost. That's because miso contains a flavor known as umami. Often thought of as the fifth core flavor, umami can range from earthy to straight-up funky. Being fermented, however, miso paste is also particularly salty. So not only do you get an added dimension of umami flavor, but you also get the salt to balance out the sweetness of the sugar in the cookies. It's everything that these signs are all about.


gochujang cookie in hand
gochujang cookie in hand - NYT Food / Youtube

Scorpios aren't necessarily everyone's cup of tea, but the truth is, they prefer it that way. Often confused for fire signs, Scorpios aren't afraid to leave a sting. They are much more comfortable keeping people at a distance because if they did let someone in, their intensity may scare them away. It's why they're famous for being secretive. They're the scorpion, after all — and for that reason, this sign's cookie has to have a little spice. But not too much. Behind this sign's intimidating exterior is a deep, dark pit of emotions that they're dying for someone to bring out of them. If you do, you'll find how loving, loyal, kind, and caring they truly are.

In most cases, cookies are sweet. Anything spicy would put people on their toes, and may even entice someone not to partake at all. That is unless they're caramel gochujang cookies AKA the type of cookie a Scorpio would be. Yes, these cookies have a spice. But it's just enough to draw someone in. Those who dare will be met with the sweet caramel flavors of brown sugar and butter paired with a touch of cinnamon, all of which are nostalgic for the sugar cookies we all know and love. But that intriguing hit of Korean fermented chili paste, otherwise known as gochujang — the secret to deliciously spicy caramel cookies — feels almost like a rule that was meant to be broken.


cowboy cookies close up
cowboy cookies close up - Roman Chemeris/Shutterstock

Known as the archers of the zodiac, Sagittariuses are natural-born adventurers — they'll travel far and wide if it means they'll learn and grow as people, as is often the case. However, Sagittariuses have a way of turning all experiences, whether they be good or bad, into learning opportunities. It's why they're also known for their positive attitudes. But, solely based on the fact that these signs never shy away from new experiences — whether that be a month backpacking South America or a new career venture — the cookie this sign would be is the one and only cowboy cookie.

Just like this, the classic comfort food for this zodiac sign, the Sagittarius's cookie plays on their knack for adventure by being named after some of America's first. Made from a classic chocolate chip cookie dough but beefed up with additions of oatmeal, coconut, and pecans, it's said that these cookies were actually the cowboy's road snack of choice — and it makes sense as to why. Not only do they hold up well through travel, but they have all the fixings that'll keep you feeling full. That means it should surely fuel Sagittariuses through whatever situations they get themselves into.


many sprinkle cookies
many sprinkle cookies - Tatyana Consaul/Getty Images

Most known for being "workaholics," Capricorns are often stereotyped as rule-following, corporate climbers. Whether that's true or not is up for debate — but there's no denying these signs' commitment to their success. Represented by the mountain goat and associated with the knees, they'll climb mountains to achieve what they set out to do. However, what many people don't know about these signs — probably because it's rare to see — is that, when they do give themselves a night off, they can be the life of the party. For that reason, if the Capricorn were any type of cookie, it'd be the most iconic party cookie of all: the Funfetti sugar cookie.

Made by mixing rainbow sprinkles into the recipe of your go-to buttery sugar cookie batter, these cookies come out perfectly chewy and colorful. With spots of pink, blue, yellow, and green, sprinkle cookies are the cookie bake when you're looking for a fun time — and if a Capricorn has RSVP'd to the function, and they actually come through without blaming work at the last minute, then that'll be just what you're in for. But rest assured, they'll need it much more than you do. It's not every day that these signs get away from their desks, so make sure you bake a little extra for them. Or, in case they don't make it, bring them to the office tomorrow.


plate of Moroccan chebakia cookies
plate of Moroccan chebakia cookies - Thao Lan/Shutterstock

Based on their names, the Aquarius tend to be confused for a water sign — they're even represented by the water bearer. But the truth is, they're actually air signs. The whole thing just goes to show how much these signs value their individuality. It's the reason why, despite being social and charming, these signs avoid associating themselves with any singular group of people. It's also why they tend to have unique styles and opinions, as they'd hate nothing more than to blend in with the crowd. For this reason, if the Aquarius were a cookie, they'd be unlike any other cookie out there. That's why they'd be the Moroccan sesame cookie known as chebakia.

Traditional to Morocco, the sesame cookie known as chebakia is unique in that it's made from dough intricately shaped by hand to look like a flower. Once they're shaped, they're then dropped into hot oil and fried before soaking in a mixture of honey, orange blossom water, and cinnamon. Like an Aquarius, the longer they're allowed to soak, the softer and sweeter they become — but they'll never lose their unique shape. Before they cool, they're given a sprinkle of sesame seeds, after which they're served with hot tea and other foods that are popular during Ramadan. Only, like the Aquarius, does the chebakia always stand out from the rest.


taiyaki on plate
taiyaki on plate - manbo-photo/Shutterstock

Not only is Pisces the final sign of the zodiac calendar — a standing that is said to give them immense wisdom — but they're also the last of the water signs. Because so much of what makes these signs unique happens internally, they can be difficult to differentiate from other signs. Socially, these signs are a lot like sponges, and they tend to take on the personalities of those around them. Inside, however, they exist in a world that is entirely their own. It's why they're represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. In account of that, the type of cookie this sign would be is possibly the only one that references fish: Japanese Taiyaki.

Most commonly sold as street food in Japan, Taiyaki are technically a cross between a cake and a waffle. The sweet treats are formed in the shape of tai, a fish that is a symbol of good luck in Japan and are traditionally filled with red bean paste or custard. But the options don't end there. These cute fish are served warm from street vendors and cafes across Japan, where you'll find them stuffed with flavors that go beyond the traditional. Everything from matcha creme to sweet potato — and even ice cream, as is the case at Taiyaki NYC — is fair game for these fish. Not only is it symbolic of the Pisces aquatic nature, but also their immense imaginations. Taiyaki is a cookie that defies definition and whose flavor options know no bounds.

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