Two sets of identical twins quickly fell in love and all moved in. Now they're married with matching dogs and daughters who are 'genetically siblings.'

Two sets of identical twins quickly fell in love and all moved in. Now they're married with matching dogs and daughters who are 'genetically siblings.'
  • Two sets of twins who married one another have riveted TikTok with their unique love story.

  • The couples naturally gravitated on a double blind date, and they all moved in months later.

  • Now they're next-door neighbors with matching doodles and daughters.

Two sets of identical twins who married one another are going mega-viral for their unconventional courtship on TikTok — as well as their uniquely intertwined lives today as next-door neighbors with daughters who are "genetically siblings."

Last week, Southern Oregon-based Kerissa Sealby shared a video of the foursome, nabbing nearly 3 million views. In the clip, she and her sister, Venessa, pan over to their respective husbands, Jacob and Lucas, in what appears to be a garage gym.

It sparked curiosity on the platform about how the improbable pairings came to be.

Kerissa told BI she never imagined she and her sister would marry twins because they "never had the same taste in men" — and had always hated one another's previous partners.

After they were set up on a "double blind date" in June 2020 by a work acquaintance, the older twins (Kerissa and Jacob) and younger twins (Venessa and Lucas) naturally gravitated to one another.

The relationships progressed "really quickly," Kerissa told BI, chalking the connections up to "destiny," adding that she moved in with Jacob and Lucas three months after meeting. Venessa was pursuing Olympic bobsledding in New York at the time but moved into the apartment roughly a month later following a severe injury.

"We only went on one date before we all were like, 'Yep, we're together, this is it,'" Kerissa told BI. The girls are 28 and the guys are 32. "We dated for a year and got engaged and then had kids. So it was boom, boom, boom."

Kerissa said it's 'weird' to think their daughters share the same DNA

Kerissa and Jacob were engaged in December 2021, and found out that they were pregnant with daughter Sophie shortly thereafter. Venessa and Lucas got engaged in early 2022 but ended up tying the knot first, in October 2022, as Kerissa and Jacob opted to delay their nuptials until Sophie's arrival.

Today, Kerissa and Venessa both work at the same real estate company, and Jacob and Lucas are both physicians' assistants. They're next-door neighbors (without a fence separating their properties), and both have dogs that are doodles, as well as young daughters who are technically cousins but also "genetically siblings," Jacob shared on TikTok. Adrian is three months old and Sophie is almost one-and-a-half.

Kerissa told BI that while Adrian doesn't necessarily feel like her own daughter, it's strange to think both girls share the same DNA. "If you were on and you put our DNA in, Adrian would come up as my child as well, which is weird," Kerissa told BI.

The response they've gotten online mirrors the incredulous looks they often get in public — though Kerissa acknowledged there have also been "weirdos" chiming in with "gross" comments.

The arrangement isn't all that strange to them, though. Being a twin, Kerissa said it's easy to see Jacob and Lucas as "completely different people" — just as she's keenly aware of the differences between her and her sister, which may be less obvious to outsiders.

But the improbable love story has struck a chord on TikTok, where commenters are eager for more twin content.

"Is this your tlc audition tape," one quipped. "Lemme know what time and what channel," another added. "I'm invested at this point lol. Sister wives is ending. I need a new show."

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