Two Giants players rip coach Ben McAdoo: 'He's lost this team'

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As if their 1-7 record thanks to last Sunday’s home drubbing at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams weren’t enough to show that something is definitely wrong with the New York Giants, a couple of players have aired their grievances to a reporter.

ESPN’s Josina Anderson posted a story Wednesday with two players anonymously ripping head coach Ben McAdoo, who is in his second season at the helm.

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Anderson says she got an unsolicited text message from a player last week, on the day the team said it was indefinitely suspending cornerback Janoris Jenkins for violation of team rules. Jenkins missed the team’s Monday meeting coming off their bye week.

Two Giants players believe coach Ben McAdoo has lost his team. (AP)
Two Giants players believe coach Ben McAdoo has lost his team. (AP)

“McAdoo has lost this team. He’s got us going 80% on Saturdays before we get on a plane to play a game, it’s wild,” the player texted Anderson, asking to remain anonymous. “Changed our off day. He’s dishing out fines like crazy. Suspended two of our stars when we need them the most. Throws us under the bus all the time. He’s ran us into the ground and people wonder why we’ve been getting got.”

McAdoo also suspended cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie last month, after leaving the team facility after an alleged “altercation” with McAdoo.

Anderson texted a second player, and asked if McAdoo has lost the team.

“Yea I think so,” he responded, adding, “Guys are giving up on the season and nothing’s being done. Guys just don’t care anymore.”

But safety Landon Collins defended the coach to Anderson.

“McAdoo has been leading the same way he led last year. So, I don’t knock the way he has been doing things. He’s been that way since he became the head coach,” Collins said. “Fining people like crazy? If you don’t follow the rules, you get in trouble because you got to pay the consequences. You dig? So that’s how it goes. I wouldn’t say he lost the team. I have the utmost respect for him. He’s been doing a great job. Just trying to figure it out like we all are.”

Trying times in East Rutherford.

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