Twitter conspiracy theorists erupt over Prince Harry's 'devil' hand gesture while greeting Melania Trump

Aris Folley,

Melania Trump met Prince Harry for the first time over the weekend while attending the Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada, but one bizarre moment between the two stood out: a hand "signal" seen around the world.

The first lady posed for pictures with his royal highness at the event, of which Twitter conspiracy theorists quickly analyzed after noticing something up with Prince Harry's hand -- a sign of the horns.

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In photos of the two from the event, people are saying the British royal made a devil sign with his hands.

See more Twitter reactions to the gesture here:

Over the years the hand symbol has become more diluted as its usage has morphed into the mainstream, such as in rock concerts -- it was famously used by the late Black Sabbath singer, Ronnie James Dio, who began making the hand-horns on stage circa 1979.

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However, some have made the counterpoint that cameras could have just quickly snapped a possibly short-lived moment between the two.

But for the people of Twitter, the below video showing the prince held the awkward pose next to Trump is roughly 16 seconds too long to be unintentional.

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