Trust Us, Throw Some Pickles On Your Next Breakfast Sandwich

bowl of pickles
bowl of pickles - Debbismirnoff/Getty Images

Whether you like a classic American platter dressed up with bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, and biscuits, or an on-the-go bowl of quick oats, there's no wrong way to enjoy breakfast. As the first meal of the day, breakfast gives us the energy and vigor we need to take on whatever the day might throw at us. Among the many options for hearty breakfast fare, one of our favorite morning meals is a good old-fashioned breakfast sandwich. Tasty, customizable, and portable to boot, breakfast sandwiches in all of their forms, often lack one ingredient: pickles. We put them on barbecue sandwiches, Nashville-style hot chicken sandwiches, and deli subs, so why aren't we incorporating them into our breakfast sandwiches?

Pickles provide a tangy and briny flavor that complements the richness of other quintessential breakfast sandwich ingredients like eggs, cheese, and breakfast proteins, bringing exciting shades of complexity to the overall taste. Breakfast sandwiches can be hearty and robust, but crispy, watery pickles impart a refreshing and palate-cleansing element to the experience. Not to mention, the zesty acidity in pickles is the perfect counterpart to smoky meats like bacon or sausage.

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Pickle Variations

Pickles and herbs in jars
Pickles and herbs in jars - Liudmila Chernetska/Getty Images

There's no changing our minds about pickles having a place in breakfast sandwiches. But we're open to debate about which ones work best. For starters, your best bet for getting a subtle kick of briny, refreshing tang is by opting for pickle chips over spears. The smaller size of pickle chips makes them convenient for bite-sized enjoyment. Plus, they're easier to manage within the confines of a sandwich and won't overpower other ingredients.

Dill pickles are a tried and true pickle staple. Made with dill weed or dill seed, this classic pickle type has a savory, zesty, and familiar flavor that can balance rich-tasting breakfast sandwiches that feature creamy ingredients like aioli and cheese. Because they're pickled with sugar or other sweetening agents, bread and butter pickles have a prominent sweetness that's complemented by a smooth, rich finish. Although they have a distinct flavor, bread and butter pickles can smooth out the fire of a spicy breakfast sandwich or bolster the sweetness of one made with maple-infused proteins. Spicy pickles are typically pickled in a brine made with jalapeños and other fiery peppers. Like dill varieties, spicy pickles work well in breakfast sandwiches that need added dimension alongside rich and creamy flavors.

Ultimately, the pickle variety you select for your breakfast sandwich is entirely up to you. Other great options include pickles that have been brined alongside garlic, bay leaves, onions, and various other herbs and spices that speak to your tastes.

Additional Complementary Ingredients

Breakfast sandwich with hashbrowns
Breakfast sandwich with hashbrowns - Britesmith Brewing/X, formerly known as Twitter

Now that we're all in agreement about adding pickles to your breakfast sandwich, you'll need some additional complementary ingredients to get the most out of your pickle-kissed morning sub. Luckily, pickles are a surprisingly adaptable food and can mesh well with most breakfast staples.

With their bright and refreshing spirit, pickles can mellow out the meaty machismo of savory and salty pork proteins like bacon and sausage. If you like your breakfast sandwich with dairy, the zestiness of pickles will complement the rich umami essence of your favorite cheese. Soft, fluffy, and mild-flavored eggs benefit from both the textural crunch and sharp flavor of pickles. If you want to bolster the acidic, tart flavor of the pickles, consider incorporating other acidic ingredients like tomatoes, red onions, or a fermented bread like sourdough. When it comes to sauces, a generous spread of hot sauce will harmonize with the sour notes of pickles while a classic mayonnaise spread provides a rich and creamy base for the pickles to stand out.

Sandwiches are a coveted breakfast form that deserves continuous improvement. Adding pickles to your breakfast sandwich is an easy and delicious way to jazz them up.

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