Trump supporter at CPAC rails against election fraud lies: 'Show me the freakin' Kraken'

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CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan, who regularly attends Trump rallies and interviews supporters of the former president, got quite the shock while interviewing attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas over the weekend. Most of the people O’Sullivan interviewed gave answers that have come to be expected. One man said he thinks the election was probably stolen from Trump, while a woman said she finds it very questionable that Trump lost. Another woman said that she would like to hear Trump say in his speech on Sunday that he would “regain his rightful seat as president” as soon as the election is overturned. Those are common answers to O’Sullivan’s questions, which is why he appeared genuinely shocked when speaking to a man who goes by Grizzly Joe.

“Do you accept Joe Biden won the election?” O’Sullivan asked. Joe bluntly answered, “Yeah.” A stunned O’Sullivan followed with, “So you are, you know, one of the very few people I am likely to meet here this weekend who will tell me that Biden won the election fairly.” “That's unfortunate,” Joe replied.

Joe took issue with the many claims made by Trump’s lawyers while fighting the election results, without ever producing any real evidence, especially Sidney Powell’s who in November described her litigation, which ultimately failed, as “releasing the Kraken.”

“I gotta have the evidence. I gotta see it,” Joe said. “If you tell me you're gonna release the Kraken, show me the freakin’ Kraken for crying out loud. Show me the freakin’ Kraken. Show me a piece of the Kraken. Show me something.”

It seems Joe has also grown tired of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who has repeatedly claimed to have proof the election was stolen, and even went so far as to say Trump would be reinstated as president in August, which is in no way possible under U.S. law.

“And don't tell me to go to Mr. Pillow man's website to get the information,” Joe said, “and I click on there and you get a million sites, ads pop up and I'm still not gonna see even a fingernail of the freakin’ Kraken.”

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