Trump slams British PM, Senate debates tax bill

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis ChristoforousSeana SmithMyles UdlandDan Roberts and Jared Blikre discuss the big stories of the day. 

Today’s topics:

  • Trump clashes with Theresa May over tweets

  • North Korea’s missile has more advanced tech

  • GOP may not cut corp tax rate as much

  • Jared Kushner questioned by Robert Mueller’s team: AP

  • Amazon to launch Alexa for Business

  • Intel and Warner Bros. develop driverless entertainment pod

  • Jeep: New Wrangler will pass 2020 emission tests

  • Toys ‘R’ Us trustee objects exec incentive payouts

  • Bitcoin

  • Matt Lauer

  • American Airlines flight cancellations

What should American Airlines do about its pilot vacation computer glitch?

  • Make them work, or else

  • Refund the tickets

  • Offer pilots even more money

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