Obama says his successor 'failed to take job seriously' as he hits campaign trail

Joe Sommerlad,Gino Spocchia,Oliver O'Connell and Justin Vallejo
·1 min read
US president Donald Trump on Tuesday (REUTERS)
US president Donald Trump on Tuesday (REUTERS)

Donald Trump told his rally in North Carolina that his feud with 60 Minutes came about when host Lesley Stahl accused him of ‘begging’ for suburban women to love him.

Mr Trump also relitigated the size of his inauguration audience, telling the crowd that he had "the largest audience anywhere in the world"and that any unflattering pictures were “taken way early.”

“I care about it,” Mr Trump told the crowd.

Earlier Barack Obama said Mr Trump failed to take the job of president seriously, saying in a campaign speech for Joe Biden that tweeting at the TV “doesn’t fix things”.

Trump travelled to North Carolina for a campaign rally of his own, where he will likely focus on Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China while ignoring the “secret” bank account he retains in China, according to The New York Times’s latest investigation of his tax records.

Meanwhile, a Democratic super PAC comprised of Silicon Valley megadonors and fronted by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskowitz has announced it plans to invest $100m in pro-Biden TV advertising in the final two weeks of the election race in a bid to help oust the president.