Trump news: President told to ‘stop golfing and concede’ as Biden set to announce cabinet picks

Conrad Duncan and Alex Woodward
·2 min read

As world leaders at the G20 summit pledge Covid-19 vaccinations and a coordinated global response to the pandemic that has killed thousands, Donald Trump has returned to his Virginia golf course as his legal team filed spurious lawsuits to try to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The US has seen at least 20 consecutive days of more than 100,000 new coronavirus infections, as millions of people are expected to travel over the week of the Thanksgiving holiday, as Dr Anthony Fauci and health officials warn Americans against potentially spreading the disease as cases continue to surge.

GOP ally Chris Christie and several Republican governors have condemned the president’s legal team’s attempts to undermine the results, with one governor warning that the US looks like a “banana republic” following Mr Trump’s refusal to concede.

Maryland’s Republican governor Larry Hogan told the president to “stop golfing and concede” after the president criticised his coronavirus response.

John Bolton told CNN on Sunday that the president’s latest legal volleys – roundly dismissed in court – amount to the “political equivalent of a street rioter.”

"I think what he's trying to do now is sow enough confusion that he can break through what's called the 'safe harbor' provision in the Electoral College process," he said. “I think he's playing for as much time as he can, hoping that something will happen.”

Former national security adviser HR McMaster told CBS that the president’s baseless allegations of election fraud are “very corrosive” and are “playing into the hands of our adversaries.”

“Russia really doesn’t care who wins our elections as long as a large number of Americans doubt the legitimacy of the result,” he said.

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to announce members of his cabinet on Tuesday, as the president’s administration continues to place roadblocks between the transition team and the White House.

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